Wah wah Mods by aNaLoG.MaN

Almost all wah wah pedals need a true bypass mod, the basic circuit kills your tone when OFF, like turning your tone knob down 3 numbers. We install a new switch for the true bypass mod. This does not change the sound when ON, but when OFF it will really be off. The true bypass switch also allows the addition of an LED or the Foxrox Wah Retrofit.

We can't do true bypass on a wah that has a board attached to the switch, they do that when they have LEDS on them usually. Dunlop 535 is one we can't work on. If the wah's stock switch just has wires on it, we can do mods. We cannot work on the VOX Big Bad wah. The recent Crybaby classic GCB-95F has "hard bypass" and everything attached to the board, no wires, so we can't work on them.

We can do a true bypass mod on the new VOX V847A and V845, and can also change the pot. We can't do re-voicing mods on the V847A.

The V848 Clyde McCoy already has true bypass, and a FASEL inductor, but we can add an LED if we change the switch to a 3PDT (basically a true bypass mod with LED).

Basic labor on a wah mod is $40 plus parts. Or True bypass (with or without any other mods) is $50.

We can install a new pot for $35, nice taper like the old Italian wahs and no more scratchiness if your pot is worn. We also have some NOS HOTPOTZ from 1996, type EJ. These have an awesome sound with the vintage carbon contacts, but might not last as long as the newer type. Same price, just let us know which pot you want.

We can also install a new red or yellow FASEL inductor for $25. The FAsel inductor was used on the late 60s/early 70s Italian wahs. It gives a thicker, more vocal quality to the wah, it is the heart of the wah circuit like the transistors are the heart of a fuzzface. The RED Fasel is a toroidal inductor, claimed to produce lush harmonic sparkle and an extremely clean signal. The YELLOW Fasel is a CUP CORE, offering sweet, singing tones from a pure vintage design. Google will find some opinions of these in comparison. We also have some Joe Gagan TONE TANK wah inductors, which are fantastic, for the same price.

We can install a set of new wah feet and screws for $10, or a plastic Crybaby battery cover/door for $10.

We can add a Boss style power jack for $15, along with other mods, it's on the mod form as an option. We can also add an LED for $15 along with true bypass (on the toe beside the switch). Here is a picture of an LED on a wah:

We also have some revoicing mods we can do, only on the V-847 wahs, or GCB-95 crybaby wahs like this one:

The revoicing mods are $30 more, to bring out the mids and lows, and the Q (allows stronger, more vocal, or mellower wah). We also lower the sweep range of the wah slightly. We use trimpots on the revoicing mods so you can set the parameters yourself. Parameters are Q, lows/gain, and mids.

If you want to be able to adjust the volume of the wah when it's ON, we should be able to can add a trimpot on the board.

We can provide and install the Foxrox Wah Retrofit for $85, or $55 if you paid for labor for any above mods like true bypass. There is also an option on the repairs form menu for true bypass with the Wah Retrofit.

I also highly recommend changing the cheap chinese jacks on the VOX V847 wah, they make a lot of noise and break down a lot, for switchcraft jacks for $10 more.

We can also add a toggle switch to reverse the IN and OUT jacks, to make seagull sounds like Gilmour in ECHOES (Pompeii). That's $35 on a wah with hand wired jacks, or $50 on a wah that has the jacks on the circuit board. Also requires true bypass and only works on an original style wah with no internal buffers. It can be VERY loud in seagull mode, so be careful! We might be able to use a special switch to reduce the volume if you are worried (test by plugging in backwards), that would be extra cost.

Please click on the form to fill out the REPAIRS FORM and send it to us with your pedal. This form has all the shipping and payment details for sending your pedal to mod.

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