Analog Man Switching Boxes

Sorry we don't have detailed info up yet on these boxes but this should get you started and let us know what features you want and we can give you a quote on a custom box. Easiest is to choose one below and email me the filename, and any changes you might need like color, jack location, etc.

We can make almost any type of passive switching box you could need, the only limit being the number of switches that we can fit on the boxes that we stock. These boxes can be used for True Bypass loop switches, A/B switches, Amp channel or effects switching, or any combination of these. We can also build our BUFFER into them for keeping your signal loud and clear with no tone change, or our BAD BOB booster for a slightly dirty clean boost.


SMALL BOX - Bypassbox2.jpg

Our small box is the one we use for our top jacks SUNFACE, Small Comps, Mini Chorus, Juicer, and BEANO BOOST pedals. Often sold as "125B". These boxes will fit up to about 6 jacks and 2 switches. These are available unpainted or powdercoated Gold, Orange, Blue, or Grey. We have made a few with three switches, see below for a small version of our tuner AB Both box.

Size is about 2.5" x 4.75" x 1.5" tall.
Actually 120mm x 65mm

We also have some SMALLER boxes, about the same as an old MXR box. Often sold as 1290 or 1590B. We use these for the Peppermint Fuzz, AstroTone Fuzz, and most Sunface pedals with side jacks. We have these in unpainted, gold, black, white, and bright red. We can't put many jacks on them but for a simple box like an AB or single loop box they are awesome. Not really able to decorate the black ones too well, just labels and maybe a sunface in gold or silver.


Size is about 2.25" x 4.25" x 1.25" tall. Actually 2 5/16" x 4 5/16"


Our medium box is the one we use for our BICHORUS and LARGE COMPROSSOR, it has more room for jacks and switches, about 2 switches and 10 jacks may fit. These are availble in unpainted metal, black, grey (comprossor), Gold (sunlion), or Purple hammertone (KoT) and sometimes White or other colors. We also have some in medium light blue, the powdercoat finish is not great (some scratches and marks as you can see on the top right) so we will give you this paint at no extra charge on the medium boxes.

Size is 4" x 5" x 1.5" tall.


This we just started using in 2008, a really nice size for rehousing and largish switchboxes. These are unpainted usually but we may have our standard colors.

5.7" x 4.7" x 1.5" tall.


This is a square box we can use for three switches. 7 1/4" wide, 5" long, and 1.5" tall.

It's nice and wide and low, can also use it for rehousing effects with large circuit boards. We sometimes have these boxes in stock in Grey (comprossor), Orange (juicer), Blue (Chorus), or Gold (Sunface) powdercoating.

We can mount the switches more towards the sides to make them a little further apart, or add a 4th switch towards the top sometimes.

Tiny Box

We have some tiny boxes that can be used for simple boxes. Unpainted, Grey, or Black. We use these for our BUFFER and MINI BEANO BOOST pedals. They are 1 3/8" wide, 3 1/2" long, and 1 1/4" tall. These can fit a switch and a few jacks. Pictured is one made into a patchbay with ins and outs and a toggle switch. This one was built upside-down so it could be screwed down to a board.

We can just BARELY fit two switches and 3 jacks and a power jack on these. We can make an AB BOTH like this box. It really needs only two LEDs unless you want to see the AB status when BOTH is selected.


We can also use these Marshall Switchbox style boxes. This one has 2 switches and can fit about 6 jacks. We recommend using these with a power jack only, as they dont open and close easily for installing batteries. We may also be able to put a few jacks on the sides but then you have to be VERY careful if you open them up or you may pull a wire off.

This box can also get a 3rd switch added between the switches, a little lower, making a V shape. Due to the box angle, all three switches are reachable on this small box. But there is only room for six jacks on the back so not every three switch box will work in this enclosure.

Size is about 5 1/4" wide x 4 1/2" x 2" tall.


We can also use a THREE switch type box. This box allows about 8 jacks on the back and possibly some on the sides. Same battery and side concerns as the box above. These are hard to drill (steel) so they cost more for us to build. I recommend our custom 4 switch box instead, you can have one switch for future expansion (a loop can be used for a loop or tuner or a 2nd amp later on if needed).

They are the same size as the 2 switch box except wider, about 8" wide x 4 1/2" x 2" tall.

Custom Analog Man 4 switch box

SOLD OUT in 2013, sorry!

We had these boxes custom made to our exact specs in 2007. They are premade with 4 switches and 4 LED holes, and 10 jack holes and a power jack hole on the back. They are powdercoated grey for a durable clean looking finish.

Size is 12" wide x 3" deep and about 2.5" tall.

These boxes are designed to line up really well with normal pedals. We can configure the switches for loops, tuner switches, AB switches, as remote switches for other devices/amps/reverbs etc, even as a boost or buffer with internal circuitry.

These boxes are super heavy duty, not cheap but they are the best we have found.


Sorry all out of the paperweight boxes in July 2008!

This box is a New Old Stock MXR "paperweight" effect from the 1970s. We can build these into AB boxes, True bypass loop boxes, etc. We can put jacks on the sides and/or where the knobs are on top. Jacks on top are OK if you have right angle plugs on your cables, so they don't stick up. On the right is a single loop box paperweight paperlooper.jpg .

We can also put the loop jacks on top and leave the knobs for a "pedal look". (stealth looper!).

Size is a little smaller than our SMALL box, about 2 1/4" wide by 4 1/4" by 1.5" tall

Here are some more examples of boxes we have built :

Strymon Favorite Switch

Works with Strymon Brigadier, El Capistan, and Lex. Enables storing a preset of your favorite settings, or use as an external speed switch with your Lex. Requires a 1/4" TRS (stereo) cable, we sell several lengths.

When you turn off your Favorite, it reverts back to the current knob states of your pedal. With the Favorite switch itís like having two pedals ready to choose from! No additional power supply required.



Eventide AUX Switch

The Eventide pedals are great but limited with the two switches. For example, you can only switch UP to the next higher preset bank, if you want to go down a bank you need to scroll up and up till you get back to the bottom. We can make AUX switches with one, two, or three switches. You can program any of the switches for almost any function. See your Eventide manual AUX SWITCH section to see what options you have. The 3 switch is the most powerful.



Tap Tempo and Deluxe Memory Man MODE Switch

The Deluxe Memory Man with TAP TEMPO can have the EXPRESSION MODE switch controlled externally, along with external tap tempo. The box below has those two buttons, plus it can control tap tempo on two OTHER pedals at the same time! We set it up for a Boss DD5 delay out of one jack and a Strymon delay out of the second jack. If you just want multiple tap tempos sent, without the 2nd switch, we can build those too, in any of our boxes.



Simple small AB Box with power jack



  A B Both box (A or B, or Both can be turned on).


Switch turns on amp's effect loop, and has a loop.



  A-B and Bypass box, first a send/return loop with the right button, then the left button chooses A or B output.



  This is a stereo TUNER MUTE box we built for Beck in early 2005. Beck uses an acoustic guitar with piezo and acoustic pickups and keeps them seperate, so needs to kill them both when tuning.


This is a TUNER MUTE box we built for Jack White of The White Stripes in 2005. He also has a red one and a white one, one at each of his three stage positions for instant muting.


We also made him two like this for his tour with the Raconteurs in 2006.


Small Dual Loop Box

dualloop.jpg : This box is set up like our Mini Bicomp. Has two seperate and independant SEND/RETURN loops.


Dual loop box. A or B send/return loop chosen with left button, or bypass the loops with the BYPASS button. This way, only one of the 2 loops can be used. There may be oscillation problems if high gain pedals are used in an A/B loop box as we cannot kill the unused loop. If you use high gain pedals, better to have a seperate switch for each loop, then we can kill the signal in the unused loop to kill any noise problems. 2010 update, we can kill the noise in the unused loop by using a 4PDT switch, should work ok.

This could also be built with seperate A and B loop buttons, then both or neither loops could be selected and no noise problems.



One of our gold SUNLION boxes made into a switchbox, can fit up to about 10 jacks.


  True Bypass (loop) box



  Small Dual AB Box (A B Tuner box). Right switch chooses A or B output. Left switch sends output only to TUNER, A and B go quiet when TUNER is on.


  Another version of the Small AB Tuner bbx. Bottom switch chooses A or B output. Top switch sends output only to TUNER.


  Another small Dual AB Box but with a power jack.


Snuff box is an A B box, with B going to Tuner. We made this one for Kenny Wayne Shepherd and another box to switch his amps in 2004. snuffbox.jpg


  Tuner, AB Both box. Tuner kills both outputs. When tuner off, you can choose A, B, or Both.


THese boxes are tough to drill (steel) and can't really take a battery

  Medium version of the tuner AB Both box.


  Medium version of an AB Both Boost box, with the Bad Bob Booster built in


  Here is a version of the medium box with 4 switches. A and B are inputs, and BOTH can be selected. Then a loop, then Tuner can be selected.


  Small version of the tuner AB Both box.

The LEDs go off when TUNER is selected so no need for a tuner LED.

  Same box but different order, and LED for tuner.


  Same box as above but in Orange with a nicer layout.


  Small Loop AB box. Signal goes through loop (if activated) then out A or B output.



  Dual Loop Tuner box. Tuner selected kills all output. Each loop is independant, either or both can be used (or none!).



  Another Tuner Dual Loop box



  Yet another Tuner Dual Loop box



A large box with four switches, can fit about 12 jacks


We can just about make 5 switches work on the large box, also has 12 jacks and a power jack. Moving the two upper switches a little further up would have been better.


This is the inside of the 5 switch box. There is a a Bad Bob Booster built in with the BOOSTER switch and a volume knob. It also has three loops and a seperate loop for bypassing the amp's effects loop (marked ROTARY).

  Tuner, Loop, AB box. Tuner kills outputs. Then loop can be activated, then output goes to either A or B output.



Passive Volume Boxes

A passive volume knob can be added to almost any box, usually with a switch to bypass the volume setting. This box just has the volume knob, useful for presetting a lower volume, for example for rhythm playing. The knob works just like the volume knob on your guitar.

Foxrox Retrofit Buffer Boxes

We can build a foxrox wah retrofit into a box, so you don't need to modify your wah, or can use the retro with different wahs. The wah retrofit is a buffer that allows a wah to work better with vintage style fuzzes like a fuzzface. It can also be used as a buffer for driving long cables etc. Here is more info on the wah retrofit. smallretrofitboxnoswitch.jpg

We can build it with or without a switch, in any of the boxes you see here (bypass, AB, etc) or a standalone retrofit box. Email for pricing which is based on parts and labor, your choice of box and specs. The one on the left with LED, POwer Jack, and switch is $151 unpainted or $161 as shown on the left foxretrobox.jpg

Booster Box

We can also build the Bad Bob Booster circuit into any of the switchboxes on this page, for a buffer which can also boost your signal and add some nice overdrive to your amp. This would normally include a volume knob. Email for more info on pricing.

Remote Switching Boxes

We can also make almost any of these boxes without switches! We put a jack on them instead, for each switch, which you can use to turn the function ON or OFF. You can use a simple remote ON/OFF switch (as seen below), or a MIDI or switching system. It just needs to change from OPEN to CLOSED to turn the relay on and flip the switch.

remotebox1.jpg : The example on the left is our small box. It has 2 remote jacks, one for TUNE (sends signal to tuner and mutes the amp) and one for LOOP (enables the SEND RET effects loop, bypasses the loop when OFF). It is possible to have STOMP switches on the box in addition to the ext jacks, for local switching. But the stomp switch needs to be OFF to allow the ext switching to work.


On the left is a Dual Loop remote box, two seperate loops each with their own remote control jack. Just like a tiny Bradshaw (tm) switching system.

These boxes can run on a battery (uses more power when ON than off) but AC power is better for battery life.


This is the same as the above box, with local switches for each loop so you can also switch it locally.


On the left is a Triple Loop remote box, three seperate loops each with their own remote control jack. This is the most we can fit in our small box.

Here is a remote switch box and controller we made for 3 Doors Down in 2007. The Black box is a standard switch with a battery for the LED in the eye. When on, it switches the A / B switch which lives back in the racks to control which amplifier is used, A or B.

Plug-in Bypass box

If you have a tiny pedal like an old Dan Armstrong etc, and don't want to mod or rehouse it, you can plug it into a box like this. The box has input and output jacks and a true bypass switch with indicator LED. There is a jack on top of the box which the effect plugs into.

We also have some pre-built switching pedals available, for amp switching type applications.

This is a single switchbox with LED, for switching channels on Marshall amps, etc.

These are $20. We can make one of these work for TAP TEMPO use (for example for Boss DD5) and sell it for $30.

This is a 2 switch version, used for switching channels and reverb, for example, on amps. It uses a stereo cord to switch 2 seperate things. These do not have LEDs, they are $25 but are missing the plug on the wire. I also have some with two LEDs, for $30 with the plug.

Also see our Voodoo Labs page for their programmable AMP SELECTOR

New in 2007 : GIGRIG switchers!

These are awesome!, made in the UK. Here is More Info. See for more info.

We also carry their WET BOX which has a blendable effects loop, and can be controlled by the knob on the box or an expression pedal. It has a ton of uses!

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