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EMAIL I don't have much time for buying or selling parts but I know how tough it is to find that one part you need, so I am offering up all my extra parts for sale. Please email me with the exact text below of the part(s) you are interested in and I will see if I still have them.

Effects parts

Electro Harmonix pointed knobs, old style D-shaft push-on or reissue knurled push on: check with ehx Electro Harmonix Battery eliminator #18100 18V DC (may be flaky) $20 Electro Harmonix stick-on feet $buy them at radio shack! Electro Harmonix Sliders for Micro-synth, etc, original, used but good $25 each Ibanez TS-9 or TS-808 style battery covers, new, $15 along with any mod. Ibanez TS-9 or TS-808 style bottom plates, metal with rubber, new, $15 Ibanez TS-9 style switches, solder into board under battery, new $5 or $10 installed with a TS-808 mod.

Tape Echo Tapes

Univox tape echo tapes, for EC-80 EC-100 etc, new, These are no longer available, I just have a few left for my own delays, sorry! These are the same cartridges but have a little less tape in them so they may not last quite as long as the original ones. The originals had a 2.5 minute long tape loop. I have some with a 2 minute loop and some with a 1.5 minute loop. ** Note: no returns on tapes and they are sold AS-IS because many tape units still wont work even with a new tape, or can eat a new tape. Roland Space Echo tapes, RT-1L new reproduction tapes, good quality $20

Bucket Brigade chips (all are discontinued)

Reticon SAD1024 IC chips $SOLD OUT, looking for more. Reticon R5106 for MXR micro chorus or micro flanger or DOD $20 (qty discounts) Panasonic MN3005, sold out, looking for more. Panasonic MN3007 IC chips for CE-2, etc Panasonic MN3008 IC chips for MXR stereo chorus, etc Panasonic MN3207 IC chips for CE-3, CS-9, etc We are looking to buy Reticon R5101 and 8-pin SAD512 chips!!! Some other Bucket Brigade chips available but I only have a few, try Small Bear as he has a lot of chips.


The ROTOVERB was a mid 1970's Leslie style pedal, looks like a leslie foot switch preamp. It has one rare chip with the #s rubbed off, it's an ICL8038 ICL8038CCPD chip, a waveform generator. I have a few of these chips for $20 each.

Fender Guitar parts

Strat PickGuard, '78, Black, bridge Humbucker cut out, exc $35 * Strat backplates, white, 1 new w/plastic $15, 1 black repro w/ holes $1 Newer Five position strat/tele switch, Exc $15 Fender Tuning Keys : 6 - Kluson Deluxe Double row tuner '64-'67 (middle positions) $25 each (see below for grommets) '60s Tele Top Hat selector knob, NM $20, Exc* $15 (3) Old fender amp jewels, red $5 each *

Other Guitar parts

Schaller humbucking bridge pickup, nickle cover, NM $35 Kluson Deluxe tuners, double row, yellow buttons, for Ricken. etc, $60 "Original Gibson" Les Paul tuner set, '74, chrome w/ chrome tulip knob $85 Gibson chrome "Gibson Deluxe" by Kluson tuners, chrome keystone knobs, two good (bass side) D-169400 PATENT NO. sold Treble side "Kluson Deluxe" as above, needs knob, sold Gibson Les Paul custom '73 gold tuner, gold keystone knob, exc $25sold Gibson Les Paul Chrome bridge (german) and tail piece, 74? $sold '66 DanElectro wiring harness. 4 pots, tone caps, output jack, and switch. $35 Strat jackplate, new, probably not fender, w/ screws $3 1960s Ampeg amplifier REVERB footswitch, with 1/4" guitar plug on end to plug into amp, wedge with chrome top, $35 end.

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