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Analog Man Other Guitar Effects Pedals for sale


We now sell some cool stock and modified MXR pedals made by Dunlop. We sell the MXR script logo Phase-90 and Dynacomp with or without mods, the MXR Carbon Copy, and the Jimi Hendrix series including the Octavio, Wah, and Fuzz Face. See for more info.

  1. Beware of fake New Old Stock MXR pedals turning up!
  2. '70s special PAPERWEIGHT, Distortion+ cases made into paperweights for trade shows $sold
  3. We often have older dist+ pedals etc in stock, email for more info.
  4. '70s Power converter, model 137, four 1/4" 9V 65mA outputs, NM $75


    ** We will modify any Tube Screamer (original or reissue) to TS-808 specs!
    See our Tube Screamer page for more information and tube screamer history.
    Check out our BEAT TUBE SCREAMER contest, do you have one even more beat up that you still use?

  1. New TS-9 reissue converted to TS-808 specs, New in box, See
  2. New TS-808 reissue with SILVER or TRUE VINTAGE MODS
  3. New TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer converted to TS-808 specs, works great on guitar and bass too!
  4. NEW Maxon SD-9, OD-9 reissues with TRUE BYPASS and our mods.
  5. '84 Super Tube Screamer ST-9, 4 knobs, mid boost, exc $coming
    See page 15 of the TONE QUEST REVIEW for a bit about this pedal. It's the best magazine available, you should subscribe!

  6. '84 SM-9, 5 knobs, blue sparkle, cool sounds!! exc- $175
  7. '84 CP-9 Compressor/Limiter, 3 knobs, Gilmour, exc $95
  8. '80s CP-9 Compressor/Limiter, 3 knobs, Gilmour, no ser# VG+ $85 exc- $95
  9. '00 Turbo Tube Screamer TS-9DX/80 8, no SER#, exc+++ $155
  10. '80s Fat Cat FC10 distortion, green, rare, exc, $135
  11. '80s? Prime Dual Chorus PC10, Blue, 6 knobs and switch, 2 settings, external switch capable, exc $125
  12. '80s SML Super Metal, 5 knobs, cool distortion like S M-9, exc $115
  13. '80s LA Metal, LM7, silver, 3 knobs, cool thick dist! exc+++ $95
  14. '85 Stereo Chorus CSL, TS-10 style, 9V, 2 knobs, cool tone, Exc+ $75
  15. '87 Session Man, SS-10, chorus and distortion, in series or parallel, awesome THICK distortion, rare! VG $185 exc+ $195
  16. '86 Ibanez MS10 Metal Charger, 5 Knobs, Dist, level, attack, punch, edge, four JRC4558 chips! green NM- $85, NM $95


  1. '74 Maestro mini-phase, MPS-2, 1 knob (speed), changed bottom, rare, exc $185
    Here's a nice jpg shot of some echoplexes, PS-1 phasers, and more Maestro effects on the Oberheim web site.


    Wah Wah article with TONS of info.

  2. We had the VOX Satchurator distortion and Time Machine delay, on .
  3. '60's Vox Repeat Percussion, plug-in guitar tremolo, exc+ $sold?
  4. '70s Vox Crybaby wah, Thomas organ Chicago, 03 brown inductor, 2035196 new propot VG $125
  5. '81? VOX thos organ Crybaby, Chicago, #2085540, scratchy A-B pot, exc++ $139
  6. '70's King VOX-WAH, TDK, Calif, chrome top, new ROCPOT, VOX rubber top, #1932123, exc- in bag $175
  7. '70's King VOX wah, TDK, Calif, #1940747 exc+ $175
  8. '70s VOX V-846, Sepulveda, TDK, mellow sound, true bypass switch, VG+ $200
  9. '90s VOX V-847 reissue wah, no AC jack, we have some of these, can mod them up to your specs.

    Teese Real McCoy Custom wahs

    Geoffrey Teese makes wahs and ONLY wahs! He has been making them longer than the competitors. That is why his wahs are the very best. I'm a dealer for the REAL McCOY Wah Wahs by Geoffrey Teese! Read about and ORDER the RMC wahs here.

DOD/Digitech Effects

  1. We do GREY OD-250 mods on the YJM-308 and OD 250 overdrives!
  2. New DOD OD-250 pedals with Grey mods and true bypass were in stock.
  3. We also do true bypass mods on the original WH-1 Whammy pedals.

Boss and Roland Effects

Boss/Roland Effects

  • We are now an authorized Boss dealer!
  • Here is our Boss Pedal Page.

    Other Effects for sale

    1. new Ampeg Scrambler reissue, check it out!

    2. '05 Bruce Bennett Labs Brown Sound distortion pedal. 2 knobs, true bypass, LED, AC jack, awesome crunchy distortion! $159
    3. '05 Bruce Bennett Labs INSANE GAIN, $185
    4. '05 Bruce Bennett Labs LOWBALL octavia fuzz $169
    5. '05 Bruce Bennett Labs Boostea booster with tone knob $139

    6. '01 Danelectro Dan Echo, cheap Chinese junk but sound's not bad! new in box $100
    7. '80s Scholz SR+D Soloist, rockman style, Aux input/low level out, Stereo (Chorus/Mono), Dist/Edge/Cln, Vol (Max/-5db/-10db), On/off, Guitar input, phones output (2), power input +6.4V -6.0V, 8 batteries. w/PS, NM $100

    8. '70 KORG Synthepedal, FK-1 , filter, "traveler" control, with control pedal, exc+++ $sold
    9. '87 Korg DRV-3000 dual digital effect processor. reverb, delay, etc. Cordless remote, Eric Johnson uses his a lot in his studio, exc $365

    10. '99 Barber Tone Pump, tube screamer-ish, #200, exc+++ $150

    11. '90s Snarling Dog Tweed E. Dog, tube sounding overdrive, NM in box $55
    12. '90s Carl Martin Chorus X-II, 2 independent speed and depth settings, like new in box with upgraded heavy-duty switches (the original switches are super flimsy), list $349, $185
    13. '70s GEM Volume pedal, black/chrome top, built in cords, Clyde pot, mint, $55
    14. '05 E-Bow plus, new EBOW with harmonics switch, new $

      Sorry all out of Cesar Diaz pedals but you can See my Diaz web page for more info.

    15. See our Black Cat page for info on the black Cat pedals.

    16. '76 Multivox FULL ROTOR MX-2, Leslie simulator, 2 speeds or remote, exc $325
      $375 - $500 in Vintage Guitar price guide MP3
    17. '70s Univox Micro-Fazer, black w/barefoot logo, speed knob, depth/width, trim pot, exc- $sold
    18. Univox/Melos/etc Japanese Tape echo Tapes for EC-80, EC-100 etc New, but no returns on these please. $see parts list
    19. "45" Japanese Surf/siren/vol/wah/hurricane pedal, side knobs, tr 2SC-828x8 & transformer, w/ schematic, exc $
    20. '70's Tempo (aka royal?) FUZZ-WAH, cool cheezy Japanese Fuzz and/or wah, great octavia tone, 6 trans, 2 knobs, tone switch, one with knobs on the side, one on front, exc $175
    21. '70 Crazytone fuzz, Japanese fuzz face copy, round black thing $sold
    22. '70 Japanese wedge-shaped maestro fuzz copy, 2SB175x2 trans, germanium diodes, bassy or trebly fuzz, guitar cord attached, Black, NM $100

    23. new Analog Man SUN FACE Fuzz, improved Germanium Fuzz Face $185 and up
      Here's more info on my Sun Faces.
    24. new Analog Man Beano Boost british crunch pedal $165 and up

      Colorsound effects

      New/REISSUE pedals are all out, no longer available in the USA, sorry!
      More info on Colorsound effects
      VINTAGE :

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