KLON Clone mods

The KLON Centaur is a legendary overdrive pedal and has had a lot of hype about the diodes, going as far as the printing on the later KTR pedal "These are essential". Nobody knows what the exact model and manufacturer were. Below is a KLON, and a KLONE with some old diodes we tested. We ended up using Thompson 1983 1N34A diodes seen in the middle of the box on the right, which look and sound like the original Klon diodes.

If you have a Klone without germanium diodes, and no goop on the diodes, we can replace them with these germanium diodes. But we can't do that unless yours has through-hole diodes with wire legs soldered onto the circuit board. We do not work on SMT pedals which have the components placed and soldered to the board by a machine with no wires on the parts. Your diodes should be next to each other like these, send a closeup picture if you are not sure. KLON KTR should have germanium diodes so no need to change them.

Here we are testing out some diodes for a Centura mod we got in. The ones that came in this Centura seem to be Zener diodes. As you can see on the trace (red on the right is the Centura) it's very different from the three old germanium diodes I compared it to. The Thompson diodes we use are the dark red line on the left.

I later got some more Centuras in and they came with color striped Sylvania 1N34A diodes (orange, yellow, brown) which tested pretty close to our germanium ones. So those don't need a modification.

If your Centura has these green striped diodes we can change them, they are way off in specifications. If you are not sure, it's best to send me a picture of the diodes on the circuit board to see if it's worth the mod.

We have modified several warm audio Centavo Klones which also used Zener diodes for clipping, and the sound difference was more than I imagined. It really warmed up the sound, got rid of some harshness and gave it nice smooth thicker low mids.

We also found the Way Huge Conspiracy Theory could be improved with germanium diodes, here's what we found when we tested the blue diodes in them:

We are installing the Thompson 1983 1N34A diodes, if you do not have germanium diodes in your KLONE, send it in with the Analogman MOD form (KLONE mod is in the menu) with the $48 fee plus shipping, and we'll get it turned around in just a few days:


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