Guitar show pictures :
  • Analog Mike and Jon at the spring '97 New York City show booth

    Pix from the Classic American Guitar show in Long Island New York, 1993 to 1997.

  • AnalogMike making believe he can play guitar at the '95 booth

  • Steve Howe of Yes, GTR, Asia, etc checking out my EH effects, 1994 show

  • GE Smith, ex-Saturday Night Live, checking out my early '52 P-Bass in '93, with Cesar Diaz (SRV's amp tech and maker of DIAZ amps) on the right.

  • I've been making a lot of trips to NYC while Ozzy was in the area to bring rare effects to Robert Trujillo, Bass, and Joe Holmes, Guitar. Here's our OZZY page with pix and stuff

    Here are some other interesting guitar and related pictures.

  • Like Les Paul flametops? Check out my 1990 reissue. (in Germany now)

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