Aerosmith 11/14/03 by Analog Man

I finally got a chance to visit with Greg Howard of who has been working for Aerosmith for quite a while now. They played the 1st rock concert held at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT not far from my shop.

Here is Brad Whitford's pedalboard on that day, it changes a lot! Greg put glow in the dark/flourescent markers on several of the pedals' knobs including our bicomprossor.

Here is Greg setting up the amps with one of Brad's new Floyd Rose guitars. They are REALLY light, especially the neck.

Brad is using a pair of Divided by 13 amps, like old Fender Blackface heads, he loves them right now. Using some of their pedals too.

Here are some of the amps Joe Perry uses. Greg set them up for Joe like this once for some pictures, then when tour time came Joe wanted the same crazy setup. There are two Marshall Majors on the left, a plexi on top of the supro, a Vox super Beatle cabinet from The Knack, a Marshall 8 x 10" cabinet, A Fender Tonemaster head, and a pair of new Gibson amps.

Here are the rest of Joe's amps- an Orange 8 x 10 Cabinet, Marshall JCM800, Marshall lead 12, and a pair of checkerboard cabinets that Greg and the guys "reliced"!

I'm a big fan of Les Pauls so I had to check out Brad's collection at the show. This one I am holding is an early 90s Tom Murphy aged '59 reissue with Timbucker pickups. He had 2 or 3 more flametop reissues and a nice early '70s goldtop deluxe. Also a '72 Custom 50s reissue with the alnico and P-90 pickup combo. He had some really cool early Hamer guitars, some new Floyd Rose models, Fenders, and about a dozen more that I can't even remember.

Joe had what we believed to be an original '59, plus a few of his new "Joe Perry Boneyard" Les Pauls. He also had several guitars with paintings of his wife on them, that's the first time I have seen that! Joe's pedalboard was much smaller, a KLON, a Whammy, and some digital things, controlled by his guitar tech. Brad does all his own effects operation as you'll see below.

At the left is Brad using his Z Vex Wah Probe, the 1st time I have seen someone use a probe effect onstage. He sounded great with it.

Here is Joe operating his wah.

I forget what this guitar was called, a somethingcaster, it has some history...


Last but not least is a shot of Steve.

Also saw the opening act KISS for the 1st time. It was pretty cool, 20 years ago I never thought I would see them perform in makeup! Way too much of Paul Stanley's ass so I went backstage again after a few tunes :-)

I left a present for Brad, our new King Of Tone pedal, and Greg told me he used it at their next gig at Madison Square Garden:

All I can say is he really likes it, and has been using it on almost every song!!! I noticed him using the yellow channel for rhythm and red for lead on the same song...

We hope to have some available for sale very soon!

Here is Brad's board the following week, with the King Of Tone in the middle. Greg labelled it PEDAL OF THE WEEK but we hope it will last a lot longer on the board!

About a month later, near the end of the tour, Greg told me
"Brad's still all over the KOT, I've actually removed most of the pedals he wasn't using..."
Here are some closeups. You can see the knob settings too.

Here is a shot of Brad at the end of the show, near his pedalboard. This picture and the picture above are from our friend Josh Allman. Below is a closeup of the board, still hard to see but the PURPLE pedal stands out :-)

Aerosmith 2004 tour

The guys are out again in March, and the King of Tone is still making Brad smile. I hope I can hear it on their new Blues numbers this summer!


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