Foxrox Wah Retrofit


Did you ever notice that your Wah Wah pedal doesn't cut it when plugged into some effects, such as the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, or Fuzz Face clone? This is something that has annoyed guitarists since the late 60's. But now there's a remedy - You can get FULL RANGE out of your Wah Wah pedal with the Foxrox Wah Retrofit. If this sounds interesting to you - READ ON!

Foxrox Electronics is proud to offer the ideal remedy to this problem. The Foxrox Wah Retrofit is a self-contained FET buffer/amp circuit that gets installed into your Wah Wah pedal, giving it the ability to cut through any Fuzz Face or Fuzz Face clone. By essentially installing a "real" output section, the Wah Wah pedal becomes immune to the effects of loading, restoring range and depth to older, vintage Wah wah pedals without affecting their vintage value. Newer, high-end "boutique" wah pedals, such as Teese RMC pedals also benefit from this mod because they are based on the same, classic inductor-based circuit. Since it is a basic FET audio buffer/amplifier, this circuit can also be added to effects pedals that need more output, as well as effects that need more drive at the input. NOTE: A Teese RMC wah with the Foxrox Wah Retrofit, going into a Captain Coconut (1 or 2) is guaranteed to deliver the best wah/fuzz/vibe/octave sounds you've ever heard!


Foxrox Wah Retrofit -
Includes the retrofit itself, installation instructions, mounting hardware, and Technical support via Email. Price: $55.00 plus $3 S & H in the usa. .

Here is the Wah retrofit installed in a Teese wah, fits nicely next to the switch.

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Foxrox Wah Retrofit with installation - You send in your Wah Wah pedal and the Foxrox Wah Retrofit is professionally installed and tested. Price: $85.00 + $10.00 return shipping & handling (total $95.00) Price applies only to Wah wah pedals that are in full working condition. Other repairs can incur an additional charge and are performed only upon approval from owner. We will install TRUE BYPASS for an additional $15 for the switch and $20 for labor, this is a special price for the true bypass mod.

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Installation examples/instructions.

The FWR is easy to install, however, don't attempt it unless you have decent soldering skills. Here are some examples to serve both as instructions, and as a way for you to decide if it's something you can pull off.

We can also build one of these wah retrofits into a box, with or without a switch, so you don't need to modify your wah. See my switchbox page for more info.