Email Of The Day

Sorry I don't actually update this every day, but I do get some awesome emails every day and will put them up whenever I have some time. I will remove the names and locations to protect the innocent :-)

Subject: Here's a note...

From: Neil
Date: Sept 17, 2017

I'm a player/tone freak - vintage Strat, Tele, '59 335, vintage amps set up with NOS tubes, speakers and some great pedals, including Analogman.

The KoT is serious, it's not a fashion pedal like the 99.99% that gets released every week but fundamental. It's part of the royal elite - Strat, Tele, Les Paul, Fender Tweed/BF, Vox AC30, Plexi, vintage tube screamer, original Klon etc. A total bargain in comparison to vintage pedals yet sounds like one and because you buy directly from the manufacturer there are no store margins, plus it's hand built from rare components and not 'Made in China'. You don't see it promoted because stores can't sell it, meaning magazines rarely mention it because of advertising revenues from pedal companies/stores. I kick myself I didn't get on the list years ago wasting time with pretenders. When you know better you do better.

Subject: AnalogMan.....Worldwide!!!

From: Sean
Date: June 16, 2016

Hello Mike,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick letter about an interesting "Mate" I encountered last night at Black Eyed Sally's Blues Jam. I was sitting in front with my wife waiting for the house band to start and in come these two guys. One looked just like Zakk Wylde! They sit at our table. They said that they were in town working as "Techs" for the Cirque du Soleil ! They have been with the Cirque for about 12 years and have been around the world numerous times!! They have been playing for a long time , don't get much opportunity to play.. (thats why they were there) and haven't been "home"..(New Zealand) in over 7 months!

After the house band plays, I went up and played a bit. I brought a SFVR and "my" pedal...AnalogMan Boss DS-1!

Next they called Andy.....(Zakk) up. He was fumbling around a bit , looking for a tuner and cable. I gave him my tuner and said "just go up and use my stuff" He had a Beautiful Les Paul that he said a Custom Guitar Maker named Gil something makes to Exact vintage specs. He was conservative at first, then just Killed a few blues numbers!! He gets back to the table thanking me profusely then goes....." I loved your AnalogMan pedal!!" He continued... "Oh yeah AnalogMan is well known in New Zealand and everywhere in the world I have been!! He was the first to do that kind of thing you know....starting in Japan......." On and On.......

Anyway.....there you go.......thanks.....Sean

Subject: Sun Face

From: Mark
Date: November 14, 2014

Mark wrote:

Hi my name is Mark. I just received the Analog Man Sun Face BC 109. It is wonderful! Normally there is the seemingly inevitable disappointment when the sound from from the ad far surpasses the sound from my fingers.
This time that did not happen.

Whatever you are doing, keep it up. Thanks for a great product. Have a nice day.

Subject: sunk and reclaimed comprossor

From Chris
Date: July 10, 2014


My name is Chris and I play quite a bit of guitar. I've been using one of your Comprossors for years. It's been on the road all over the country, in the studio, etc. You get the point.

So I was playing a hit on a sailboat called The Nauticat with one of my groups, Stolen Silver, in West Grand Traverse Bay, and as I was packing up my favorite little guy accidentally took the plunge about 25 feet down. (note: I couldn't bring even my mini pedal board because space was so limited, so I brought the comp and a drive in my Mono case compartment. the captain keeps a clean ship, and there was no stopping her once she fell out of my Mono case storage compartment when I opened it to put a cable in that was left out... so she slipped her way off in the great blue unknown).

But lucky for me, the water is quite clear here, and since we were docked at the time I was able to dive down with a mask and look for her on the next clear and calm day, which wasn't for a week or so.

So..... I found her exactly where I thought she was and now have her back on dry land, but there are some obvious problems going on inside. I took the battery out of it immediately after retrieving it and obviously let it dry for days before attempting to try it out, but she won't fire up unless I hold the 9V plug input steady. Then when it does fire up and it is switched "on" (the LED does work, btw) it doesn't make any noise, probably due to the fact that one of the transistors has a broken leg. Can I send it to you guys for repair? I'd like to keep the residue that built up under water on the outside for posterity, but maybe have you guys check out what going on inside and see if it can be fixed?

(we replaced a few broken parts on the board, and the pots, jacks, and switch, and it's running again!)

In a message dated 2/22/2014 writes:

Hi, Mike:

What's better than finding a box of magic in your mailbox on a sunny Saturday afternoon? "Nuff said" just won't express the good feelings that followed that box into our home; there is something that comes to visit each time we do a call and response with Analogman. It is better to analyze other aspects of work and play; I will let these few words express my feelings of respect and gratitude for the many ways that you help to make our world such a richer and happier place to be.

Thank you for being such a fine man, and for sharing your gifts as an artist and craftsman with so many of us. So long for now,

John, GA

In a message dated 11/5/2012 writes:

Hey Mike,

Just wanted to give you a shout out.

A thanks. For making such a great pedal.

I've had my KOT version 2 for almost five years now, and my version 4 for a couple.

I bought them when I was struggling to be a musician in NYC.

Right now, I'm on tour with Diana Krall

And I play regularly with Lou Reed as well. And John Zorn.

It' a real diverse range of music. But through it all is my KOT.

It's something I can depend on night after night.

There's no bells or whistles.

It's just a great great sound.

Thanks again, Mike!


In a message dated 3/9/2012 writes:

Hi Mike,

I got my pedal (modded big muff) in the mail today. As soon as i got the package open, i ran to plug it in. What i heard was amazing! I could put the muff in the line without killing my tone and when i turned it on, it sounded better than ever. I love the pedal and it is much better than i imagined! I will definitely do more business with you in the future.



Ps- Yes i am 13 :)

9/20/2011 jake writes:

Well I got my king of tone yesterday and was playing it through my amp while my kids were on the other side of the basement playing. My oldest daughter comes over and said "wow dad you sound like a rock star." I said thanks and that I was using my new pedal. She came over and took a look at it and being purple she was instantly captivated by it. Now she has a little "toy" acoustic guitar. She said to me "daddy now that I am five can you teach me to play guitar so I can sound like a rock star too." I laughed a little gave her a hug and said "sure will see what we can do."
Thanks Mike for making me sound like a rock star to my kids.

Jake " a new loyal customer"

3/3/2011 karl writes:

Here's a little story i hope you'll enjoy.

My son is six, and for most of his life he's been fascinated with guitar pedals. For a long time, my Fuzz Face was like a person to him.

Recently I bought a Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive. My son saw my pedal board, with five AnalogMan pedals, four pedals modded by AnalogMan, and a couple other pedals bought through the AnalogMan site. His comment was,

So, Dad, you used to buy Analogman, and now you're into Voodoo Lab.

Then he walked away, letting me know that he was really disgusted by my lack of brand loyalty.

thanks again, karl

12/8/2010 writes:
Hey Mike,

I just went to see Mike Gordon play in Madison a couple weeks ago and after the show he stopped in the bar we were at. Everyone seemed to be jocking him and I didn't want to be one of those people. I was wearing my red analogman Tshirt and from across the bar he noticed it, signaled to his shirt and gave me a thumbs up. It was almost more fun than actually meeting him.

Subj: King Of Tone
Date: 6/13/2010
From: j

Hey Mike and crew,

I have a feeling that you've probably received quite a few emails like this, but here ya go anyway.

I recently purchased a KOT V.4 High Gain red side from you with every intention of selling it on ebay. I figured that it's gotta be good and I want to try it, but an easy $200 is an easy $200. So it shows up and I bring it upstairs to try out...that was a mistake, an awesome mistake. The thing sounds amazing. The more I play it, the more I like it. Really does make my Pro Reverb's power tubes sing. It most definitely will not be on ebay anytime soon.

You owe me $200. ;) Thanks,

Subj: King Of Tone
Date: 4/10/2010
From: b

Hey Mike. I got a really strange offer on my KoT and I just had to share it :)

A few days ago I put up my KoT v4 for sale, I really liked it but I don't use overdrive/boost very often and I needed the money.

Anyhow - here's the really weird part. The person who responded had a familiar name, and after googling I found out that he was one of the representatives for "Sweden Democrats" a political party in Sweden, neonazis who wants to rid Sweden of immigrants because they feel that they cost Sweden money.

He asked if the pedal was still available, so I replied:

Yes the pedal is still available, however I feel that it would be unfair of me to economically burden you with the responsibility of taking care of a foreign guitarpedal.

Suffice it to say, he was very angry.

Best regards

Subj: thanks!
Date: 1/24/2010
From: larry@yahoo


Hope you are doing well.

You worked on a re-issue Ibanez TS9 for me 14 years ago. I am still playing and giging these days, and i still love the pedal and wouldn't use anything else. i play through well maintained vintage fender tube amps.

Inside, this is what i see: 4558D JRC 5205G chip and two resistors that are actual carbon, your sticker, and handwriting on the metal frame: AM 10/96 TS-9-808-B #106-B The serial number is 188499 and it is made in Japan.

Thanks for the many many years of sweet rippin' solo's and many more.


Subj: thanks!
Date: 4/8/2009

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the silver mod on my very old TS9. I finally have a TS9 I can use w/out thinking, sheesh!... this thing sounds like crap. I'm super fussy and don't like most pedals and so I don't use them much. I can actually use this pedal.

I bought it at a guitar center in 1982 and then let my buddys pass it around cuz I couldn't stand a pedal that shrinks your tone when engaged. I got it back last year and the switch was broken. I figured if you fixed it and I still didn't like it I could at least sell it for some cash as it is an old Maxon, one w/a proper chip and if you fix it, it's fixed!. Well......I'm keeping it. I kick it on for a little boost and my tone doesn't disappear. Makes me smile.

You Rock and finally so does this old green pedal. I'm sending my old TR-2 to you soon. You guys just know what your doing.
Thanks again

Subj: Late to work
Date: 10/24/08

The morning my mini bi-comp arrived in the mail. I was an hour and a half late for work. Nice job on this pedal Mike - Thanks!
Subj: wood
Date: 4/16/08

I have a friend who has one of those GK 100+ watt combos that is made out of metal. One day we were hangin' out w/ another friend who has an Ampeg SVT pro tube amp and 6x10 cab...and said "that sounds like wood". I just got my TS9 back from your mod and I swear I can hear the grain on the fretboard!! Thanks so much for opening the door to my guitars!
wide-eyed, N
Subj: KoT hard to describe...
Date: 3/4/08 1:18:53 AM Eastern Standard Time

You know that feeling you get when you're coming down a big hill and there's no cars in front of you and the light just turned green and there's no police or cars or pedestrians and you can hit the bottom and you have really good suspension and you get that great roller-coaster rush as you fly through at about 45 MPH but you are still in control sort of and then you hit it and there's this great rush and you want to go back and do it again but you need to get somewhere? That, except that you CAN do it again, is how the KoT is to play - oh, and also I want it installed as an artificial heart. I want to be able run either true bypass or have little Darth Vader-like buttons and dials on my chest where I can make my voice have liquid sustain or over-the-top fuzz, or double-stomp-boost, or... okay, I'm dreaming again, but that's what KoT has done to me - I can't say enough about it, or the workmanship you all have poured into it. Job well done from a very satisfied customer!! It is now the heart of my board, even if it legally can't be my heart! AS

Subj: Mods
Date: 1/27/08
To: analogmike

Hi Mike,
Hope you had a great weekend.

I was introduced to your mods a few years ago by a friend who purchased one of your TS9/808's. Honestly it didn't floor me at first like some of the other mods I've heard since but where others try to turn their pedals into something different and totally miss the mark, your mod grew on me more and more as I realized what I was hearing, while their's just left me cold. More this and more that and just way too much bass, but where's the tone? Yours is just much more rounded and warmer and stays truer to the original

Subj: Purchase of new sunface
Date: April 1st, 2222
To: AnalogMike


Your pedal sucks! I can't sound ANYTHING like your soundsample with my Fender solid state chorus amp and Kramer striker..I hate you, and my daddy is going to letterbomb you soon!

I just build the cars son, it's up to you to drive them to Victory.

Subj: purchase of new sunface
Date: 4/26/07
To: AnalogMike


As always never a disappointment with your pedals. I went crazy trying to decide which Fuzz pedal to buy and listened to quite a few. In the end I went back to you after purchasing a Chorus pedal a couple of years ago. My search is ended and I am so happy I feel like snoopy jumping for joy over his doghouse. Words cannot describe having pedals that just do what they should do and don't sound like toys. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My friends compared their pedals to yours and I can see the envy in their faces at the pure tone. I spent a lot of money buying good equipment and frankly to not spend a few dollars more to get what you need is like slapping yourself in the face.

Thank you.

Subj: YES
Date: 1/8/07
From: gcxxxxx
To: AnalogMike

M :
YESSSSS, you truly are the MAN. In '69 I was 16 yrs old and in the next 6 years I got within the 10th row for Mountain, Ten Yrs After, Led Z , Stones, Muddy Waters, Small Faces, Little Feat, Lynrd Sky., Allmans, well, you get the pic.

I've spent years trying to get the right sound out of guitars on the cheap, trying to duplicate that sound. I finally decided to spend $2k on a good tube rig and went shopping. Already had an Amer. Strat. Was ready to buy, but the salesperson pissed me off and I left. Went down the block to another big music store in Houston, and tried a truly amazing little amp. Peavey VK 112, all tube, 1 12" spkr. It was so cheap, $350 after Christmas sale, I could not believe it was worth a darn. Got happy and bought it.

Got on the net and discovered the tube screamer and went ooookay. Bought an OD 9 from you. Ordered Wed, You shipped Thurs. , Got it Mon, Excellent service.

They all came alive for me again. I can't thank you enough, All my favorite rock and rollers come to visit me in my guitar. Effortless, smooth, limitless power out of only 50 watts! Thank you for a good product at a good price with good customer service, will do bus. with you in the future,

Thanx,again, GC

Subj: RE: Item #BIcomprossor
Date: 12/25/06
To: AnalogMike

I love this pedal, btw...

A-B tests with other pedals prove that this just sounds better. ...and when someone with a less experienced ear asks me to tell them the difference, I have no idea what to say... Compressors are like that, I guess. I just like the way this sounds.

with all the technical talk, that's what counts! - mike

Subj: pedals...
Date: 12/17/06
To: AnalogMike

Hi mike,

I guess I qualify as one of those people who just can't say no to a new pedal. I have never counted them but it's definitely well over a 100. (I have the entire line of zvex, lovetone, fulltone, Klon etc) It's a costly hobby but I consider it as one of my forte's, namely that I have a big palette of guitar sounds. I know that I'm not the new Jimi Hendrix but I have been able to make a good living for almost 15 years as a session guitar player here in Belgium.

I have never been quite able to get a decent fuzz sound. I heard some on records, but I never got THAT sound. I tried everything from cheap Ibanez pedals to the more expensive range like the Fulltones, etc. Some were ok (like the experience by prescription electronics) and some were something quite else (like the amazing fuzz factory) but must were crap and I never found that classic tone.

Up until I got a hold of your sunface this week. I really must congratulate you with this amazing pedal. How it sounds and more importantly, how it reacts to someone's playing. My quest is over; I'm really really happy with this pedal.

By coincidence someone (in Holland) sold me your bi-compressor last weekend second hand. (it looked new, no scratches, no Velcro.) I had the same problems with compression. I kind a like the T-rex because it's real subtle and I like the old BOSS one, kind of, but never found a compressor that I used more that occasionally. Until now. (and you're right, the orange squeezer is really nice!) Two problems solved in one week!

Off course this makes me real curious about your KoT. (pity about the long waiting list) Your book you sent me looks really nice as well. (I just got home from some concerts abroad so I haven't had time to read that much)

I guess I just wanted to tell you to keep doing the amazing work you do. You can be sure that I will tell people about your work. You've made somebody happy over here. :-)

Happy holidays and a great 2007!


Subj: I got the blues
Date: 11/3/06
To: analogmike

Hey mike, sorry to bother you again, but I just got my blues driver you modded and I am truely amazed. You saved my blues driver! Sounds outstanding and I am very excited. Not only that, but my cat is having a ball chewing on the delicious bubble wrap you packed it in. I haven't seen him this happy in weeks. His name is Flinger Chochski, and he is a fan.

thanks again,
Date: 8/16/06
To: AnalogMike

After playing guitar for many years I didn't think it was
possible to obtain the killer tone of my favorites, Blackmore,
Gallagher, Iommi, Beck, Bolin, Lifeson & Walsh. Always close but no cigar. Enter the PEDAL BOARD FROM HELL. BI-COMP-OCTRON-TEESE WAH-MAXON OD9 SILVER MOD-BEANO BOOST-CAPTAIN COCONUT-PARADOX FL ANGER-BAD STONE PHASE & COMPLEX. All by the way purchased from my favorite one stop tone shop, Analogman. These pedals may not make me a great player, but they shure make me sound great!!
Rock On

Subj: YJM308 mod arrived today!
Date: 3/17/06
To: AnalogMike

Hey Mike!

I got the YJM 308 in today! I've had about 30 minutes to plug in a rip with it and MAN, this might be the best pedal mod you do!!!! Not to "poo-poo" your DS-1, FROG, or fuzzies, but damn, this thing is Yngwie/Blackmore in a BOX---and I got that with a strat, a 2x10" Kendrick, and a STINKY little Boss OD-3 pedal that a friend gave me.. :) You get an A+++++
Have you hugged your Analogman today??? :)
This goes on my permanent pedalboard TONITE. ; YOU ROCK!Thanks bro!

P.S This is true. My little dog, Baxter (He's a Llasa Ahspo--looks like an Ewok :) is a music critic.  If I play something he DOESN'T like (certain fuzzes, etc), he will leave the room!  If I play stuff he likes the sound of, he'll lick the amp, "talk", and roll on his back in front of the amp.   He was literally doing the "DYING COCKROACH" while I was playing---so he gives the YJM 4 paws up too! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Subj: Item #Generic customer specified order - Notification of Payment Received
Date: 2/22/06

Dear Analog Man,

This email confirms that you have received a payment of $984.00 USD from xxxx.

Total Amount: $984.00 USD
Currency: U.S. Dollars
Transaction ID: 9JD14521FG292xxx
Item/Product Name: Two Pedaltrain Pros and GL's
Message: 2 Pedaltrain Pros plus shipping - $628
25ft thin red cable - $22
28 thin unplated right angle plugs -$196
28 thin black right angle stress relief jackets - $28
50ft thick red cable - $50
2 thick unplated right angle plugs - $10
2 thick black right angle stress relief jackets - $2
2 unplated straight plugs - $10
2 black straight stress relief jackets - $3
Cable checker - $25
Cable S&H - $10
Standing in the soup line with a great guitar rig - $Priceless

Date: 11/9/05

Dear Analog Man,

This email confirms that you have received a payment of $5.00 USD

Payment Details

Total Amount: $5.00 USD
Currency: U.S. Dollars
Sales Tax: $0.00 USD
Item/Product Name: Beer
Message: Hi Mike,

I got your email saying that what I sent was fine for return shipping for my pedal mod. But, here's a beer on me anyway. 'Tis the season of beer, ya know.

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team
Subj: RE: Xotic pedal question
Date: 10/18/05

Thanks Mike. You know, I was thinking last night about how many pedals I've bought from you over the last few years. Here's the list:

Xotic RC Booster
Xotic BB Booster
Zvex Super Hard On
Zvex Red Sparkle Wah Probe
Zvex Tremolo Probe
Zvex Fuzz Probe
Zvex Nano Head (I think I bought that from you)
Analog Man Beano Boost
Analog Man Clone Chorus
Analog Man CompROSSor
Analog Man Juicer
Analog Man King of Tone
Analog Man Beano Boost

Being a fan of "as close as straight into the amp as possible", I have to say that my favorite two pedals are the Juicer and the Beano Boost. The Juicer just might be my favorite pedal in my entire collection. It sounds incredible with my Strat into my Victoria Bassman.


Subj: Re: Bi-CompROSSor COMBO unit waiting and waiting..
Date: 8/4/05
From: (his wife would kill him!)
To: AnalogMike

Good things come to those who ....ah, ya know the rest. Just let me know when I can get a Bicomp.
Now if I would've waited to get married...
Subj: Re: TS9DX Mode Mods
Date: 7/27/05

Well, there's been a recent developement. I was on my way to practice and left the TS on the roof of the car. About 30 seconds after pulling out of my driveway I see it in the rear-view rolling down the road at about 60 mph and unfortunately into a ditch of thick grass. When I find it I may need you to doctor it up anyways. I was pretty ticked at first but now I just think its hilarious. I'll send some pictures when I find it.

Thanks, C

Subj: Digital stuff
Date: 5/31/05
From: SM
To: AnalogMike

Hey Mike,

For what its worth: I was seduced by a (brand X) Pro Amp Modeling Processor over the weekend and bought one. After playing with it for a few hours the luster wore of the gem.

What I thought was great tone turned out to be cold with very little touch.

I went back to my string of Analogman stuff and got back on the right track!

Needless to say the (brand X) is going back!

Subj: sunlion roars
Date: 5/16/05

OK, how many times have you heard that? Perhaps 22, now that I'm the owner of #22.

This is perfect, this pedal is perfect, it's just what I'm looking for. Far out, how'd you know? I'm purring. No, my amp is purring. I'm stalking unsuspecting prey.

Thanks again for the brain tickling. At this moment every effect pedal my guitar goes through has been touched by you. How about that!

ps: your book kicks ass. I even have a few of the pedals in there!

* I played a gig not long ago, used my telecaster to accompany a singer and acoustic guitarist. Anyway, a "guest" singer stepped up and obliterated a Beatles tune. The audience teased him by throwing coins up. Wouldn't you know it but when I unpacked my board the next day there was a 1974 Kennedy half-dollar wedged under your TS-9/Silver. It's staying on the board for good luck!

Subj: NKT jones
Date: 3/18/05
From: Terry

Hi Mike,

I don't know why I torture myself, but I just happened to hit the harmony-central reviews of the NKT Sun Face. I'm going to have to have one.

I figured it out. *You* are the King of Tone. Putting you inside the little purple boxes takes a long time, and we all have to wait our turn to get a little bit o' Mike in our rigs.

Forgive me, it's been an amazingly stressful week. I'm just now getting home.... Terry

Subj: KOT
Date: 1/15/05
From: pm

I got the KOT today. Thanks for the fast shipping.

I must confess that if I had gotten this pedal couple of years ago I wouldn't be able to appreciate it. But now that I have gotten more personal with my guitar and playing I am more sensitive to the true sound of it together with the harmonics it produces. The KOT is more of a pedal that enriches my guitar and amp and the interaction between them. It does not produce any sound that is not from my amp and guitar and my playing has become more dynamic. I tend to focus and become conscious of my strumming, bending, and picking because I know that if it sounds bad it will come out without doubt. But when I put my feelings into what I am playing, the KOT helps me channel those out without fakeness. You are right, "My own tone"!

Six months ago I took a break, if you remember I am a big fan of your pedals. I owned all plus a bunch of other boutique pedals. But my friends used to tell me, "you can sound like 'em but you cant play like 'em" refering to my guitar heroes. then I thought, I wanna let go for a while and concentrated mostly on listening to records and cds. I took my music everywhere I go and listened to them anytime I could, thanks to the IPODS! That's what I did for 6 months. Then I got a call that the custom made 2 watt Rainbow amp head that I ordered 6 mos ago is ready for pick-up! I almost forgot about it! that was a sign, I bought a LP then I contacted you about the KOT! Everything fell into place, My rig now consists of Rainbow 2 watt head --> KOT ---> Les Paul. Tone heaven. With the amp in break-up stage the KOT puts more presence to it. Almost spiritual! Hard to explain. Now every note seems to be heard very clearly. every bend growls!

Now I promised myself, I wil not buy any pedal or guitar that will throw my guitar playing style on the side ever again. And now I am back, contemplating on a sun face and a clone chorus. The only pedals(or brand..analogman) that I would ever come back to. Because I now that analogman makes the best sound and I know that will help me understand my playing dynamics.

Thanks again Mike!

Subj: thank you and thank you.
Date: 10/4/04
From: PH

I sent in my old TS-9/808 for the Silver upgrade. I figured between that and the SD-1 you did for me, the TS-9 has been the more loyal soldier and more often used, so he gets the parking space!

At the end of this month, I will be leaving my band and my days of playing professionally will come to a close for the forseeable future. So - I WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND YOU A DEEPLY FELT THANK YOU, even though we've never met.

For years, everything you've ever made or modded that I've used has worked without fail and sounded terrific and right. Someone once told me "you put your hopes in things you haven't tried - you have faith in things that haven't failed you." On too many stages, shows, and studios for me to remember, I could plug in one of your pedals and not even have to check it - I had faith that it would work well and sound great. And I'll never forget when I had my bag stolen and that identity theft mess, how you came through on the stolen money order fiasco!

So again, thank you thank you thank you, best of luck, and if you ever know of someone who needs a toneful, unselfish, and solid/experienced guitar player living in my area, feel free to send them my way!


Subj: You Complete Me ;-)
Date: 9/18/04
From: (Kevin)

I ordered a ts9808SilverKWS - Maxon OD-9 last Tuesday (9/7) and received it the following Friday. Excellent service and fulfillment! That afternoon I ran it though some paces with my mid 80's ts-9 (which has it's share of battle scars), 2001 ts-9, and a ***competitors name omitted*** mod'ed ts-9 (no offense). I had a friend switch between the various pedals using the same settings on each, while my back was turned. Every single time YOUR pedal came up the winner. The **** definitely had more drive but did not have the tone and feel. My old ts-9 had it's familiar sound. But they all lacked the indescribable feel of my shinny new OD-9. The other great thing is that I'm now able to use my strat's bridge p/u. Yeah it's bright, but now that the tone is back it actually sounds good!!!

Now for the real story. The next night I had a gig (pedal already mounted on my board). However, earlier that day I was putting together a train set for my three year old son. Mounting the wooden tracks to a plywood table top with. Well of course, the drill slips and I proceed to drive a 1" sheet rock screw into my left index finger (fret hand) all the way to the bone. OUCH!!! - mike I actually had to reverse it out of my finger with the drill. My son runs to tell mommy that "dada has a boo-boo" and said "fug". Got to watch it around those little sponges... So knowing I had a gig that evening, I did what any guitarist would do, wash away the blood and dump super-glue into the cut. Liquid band-aid ;-)

Of course it hurt like hell and I didn't know how I was to get through the night (even with super glue in hand - pun). Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing... Well we start the first set and I go to play the first fill - "hmmm, sounds pretty good tonight" (thinking to myself)... then a solo - "wow, I rock, dude". We finish the first set and I look down at my hand and a piece of skin was flapping. And as I was applying more glue I realized that I didn't feel a thing the whole time because I was digging so much on the awesome tone. The other three sets were the same way, swimming in tone and oblivious to any pain. The next day was another story, hence I can finally type this to you almost a week later...

Subj: RE: King of Tone
Date: 7/12/04
To: AnalogMike

Checking in to see how King of Tone production is going. My friend xxx said he was trying to squeeze in ahead of me. He doesn't need tone he has chops.

Subj: Analog Effects

Date: 4/28/04
From: Mike

I love the recent email from the guy comparing digital and analog FX. My first experiences with FX were with digital processors that create all in one presets. I've always used my tubescreamers and compression for tone, but relied on multi FX units for all my other tricks (and I was using some of the best processors on the market). But, trying to think of all those presets just distracts me form the music, and, the digital stuff sucks the tone right out of my rig.

I've simplified my rig drastically over the last few months: stompboxes running straight into my little 25-watt blues combo. No channels, no presets, just raw tone controlled by my hands. I started by setting up my guitar to suit the natural form and dynamics of my hands. The comprossor fell into place once I realized that I could mold my amps response by combining different volume settings of the pedal and my amp; I prefer to boost my guitar's output and keep the amp's volume knob a little lower then it would be without the compression.

Then I started adding pedals one by one, and mixng them at lower levels for more subtle FX sounds (much more organic). Slowly all of the pedals come together. As I get used to the nuances of each individual box, I am able to become more and more creative with my sounds (for example, I've learned to create a ring modulator by using dissonant harmonies with the whammy pedal combined with a Tubescreamer and a phaser). Also, with processors you are forced into the mind-set that programmed presets will work the same in every room. Very wrong. I now make sure that I have at least a half-hour to adjust my tone and FX to every room that I play. Listening to the wholeness of my sound as opposed to what is simply coming out of the amp's speaker has become critical (it also makes you appreciate guys that really now how to mix house sound). Trying to reprogram a processor before a gig is a pain in the ass. Now I find several cool settings on each pedal and adjust them according to the room and how I feel that particular night. Thanks for finding and building such cool FX and keeping guitar tones real!

Subj: juicer

Date: 4/26/04
From: Daren


I was just playing with my new juicer & it occurred to me that you should have named this pedal the king of tone. Although i'm sure that the king of tone pedal is the king of A tone - i'm convinced that the juicer is the king OF tone. Just enough clean & grit to push the preamp tubes off axis - i bought it because it's my favorite color so thank you for not painting it purple,

Thoughts on King of Tone and Analog vs Digital effects

Date: 12/24/03
From: chris

Howdy Mike!

I just received your King of Tone pedal today, and after a couple hours of playing I decided to drop the guitar for a little bit to shoot you an e-mail. What a great pedal! I found the sounds I wanted within minutes of plugging it in, and am honestly considering leaving the Clean channel on for all my rhythm! I have to confess that I haven't even tinkered with the treble boost or interior switches, but that's because I really don't need to. I'm to afraid to lose the perfect tones that I have already found. I put this after a Fuzz pedal and it made the already great Fuzz pedal sound fuller and richer. This thing loves my Marshall amp!

A brief thought: When I first started playing five years ago, I would have turned down your great pedals (I own a BiComp, Clone Clone, and KOT) in favor of a $300 “does it all” multieffect pedal. Truth be told, I did. Digital effects are far less expensive, and they do a huge favor to the beginning guitar player: they make him/her sound good. Digital effects did a great job of covering up my occasionally sloppy picking and less than perfect fret board contact. This inspired me to play. After a couple years of this, I started to notice that a lot of the nuances of my improved technique weren’t coming through as clear as I would like.

Since then, I have sold my multieffect and acquired a pedal board featuring Analogman, and other boutique analog pedals. These effects now inspire me to play, much as digital once did when I was starting out. They force me to clean up my technique and make every note sound the best it can. In short, these pedals really have made me a better player! I would really push any intermediate guitar player to seriously consider going higher-end analog… not only does it sound so much warmer and more soulful; it really can inspire a person to improve! Thanks Mike, for MAKING ME make myself a better player!

Merry Christmas!

A weird thing...

Date: 12/21/03
From: ra

I'm on your waiting list for the BICOMP, DONT FORGET ME!!!

BUT - Here is the weird thing. I work at a Fender dealer store in XX. This guy comes in, he is shopping for a Fender bass, and asks to plug a few in. Next he tells me he is getting help from some friends, they are helping him find the 'perfect' bass. He then walks out of the store. He returns in a few minutes and says that his friend has a P-Bass, a 1957 that has a real small neck. If he orders the Reissue, will it have a small neck? I say, "No, they are kinda chunky".

"Sometimes", I tell him, "with these old Fenders, people get hold of them and whittle the necks down, it is hard to say what is correct." He then drops the name, Sonny Landreth. This, he tells me, is his friend, and he is the guy with the old bass, they are old school friends.

I kinda stare at him for a second and say, well, Sonny is a great slide player, if you ever talk to him again, ask him what compressor he uses, live and in the studio, I would really like to know. The guy looks at me, and says, let's call him right now, I was just talking to him. :^)

Well, he apparently calls Sonny on his cell phone, right in front of me, and he starts writing some things down. This guy doesn't even know what he is writing down, and I read it as he writes - misspellings and all.

This is what he wrote down: "MXR dynecomp, analog man, rebuilt, Jim Dunlop".

I look at this guy and ask, "Has he tried the Bi-Comprosser by AnalogMike?" He repeats the question to the guy on the phone, and writes down: "orange squeez ross grey compressor analog man call analog man and send him MXR dynacomp"

Okay, how's that for a story? If this guy was Sonny, then he obviously knows about you and you have done a rebuild or two for him. Can you fill in the blanks, Mike?

Oh, and where am I on that list, anyway?

(Note from Mike: Sonny does have all the pedals mentioned above, the modified Dynacomp, and analog man Juicer, comprossor, and bicomp).

Thank You - the SD-1 Silver is unreal

Date: 10/25/03
From: jh

I am really happy with this pedal. I was looking to get another one of your TS/9 Silver to get the two tube screamer tone but after talking to you felt that the SD-1/808 Silver would be worth a try.

I don't know if you have played this mod with your other pedals yet but it is fantastic with the TS/9 Silver first and very good in front of the BD-2 Super.

When played together with the TS9 Silver my tone has so much clear sustain that I am no longer looking into a Fuchs (Dumble like Amp). I am not saying it is a Dumble in a box (I have never played a Dumble) but it has such a sweet singing sustain that I really don't care and don't want anything else.

Maybe it is my set-up - but this combo really sounds great. I play a John Suhr strat through a Carr Rambler amp. AnalogMan TS/9 Silver > AnalogMan SD-1/808 Silver > AnalogMan BD-2 Super > AnalogMan DS-1 Pro > Boss CE-2 > Boss DM-2 > Boss TU-2.

Like your other mods it plays very well with the other pedals and is silent in my chain. Not to bash on your competition but a year ago I had ordered a Keeley 5 Star Burr-Brown and sent it back for a refund right away. After buying the TS/9 Silver used I was so impressed I ordered a DS-1 Pro and BD-2 Super from you and after comparing them sold my Keeley mods of the same pedals. I also got rid of my Barber Burn Unit and am about to get ride of my Direct Drive. I really am impressed with your work - and the fact that you can get that great sound in a stealth Boss pedal is great.

I am not writing you this note to kiss your ass but to encourage you to list the Boss SD-1/808 Silver mod as an option on the front of the Boss page. It is different enough that I am really happy I have it and the TS/9 Silver. I know the e-mail review you posted on the comparison of the TS9 808 vs. the SD-1 808 is great but to me their must be more of a difference between these two when they are modified to the Silver specs.

Thanks for the great tones - I am very happy with my purchases.

"Problem" with Juicer

Date: 10/15/03
From: David

Hi Mike. I picked up a Juicer off eBay, and it's causing strange problems in my rig. See, I have pretty spiffy gear all around and pride myself on getting great tone. But when I insert the Juicer in line, funny things happen. When I turn it on, the sound is incredible. When I turn it off, the choice guitars, amps, and pedals sound thin and decidedly un-punchy. So I turn the Juicer on again, and the fabulous tone is back. Turn it off ... blah. So now I can't play without the Juicer. Thanks a lot!! :-p

Seriously, THIS is what I'd always hoped a compressor could do. I've long searched for a box that would even out my dynamics without killing the punch, rolling off the highs, or sounding like an effect was in line. Having gone through the usual suspects -- Boss, MXR, Carl Martin, Keeley -- I never found anything that sounded right to me. With the Juicer, the search is over! I'm not an engineer and have no idea how the circuit differs from the others, but the Juicer does it all. It brings up the soft parts just enough, the "squash" on hard transients sounds entirely natural, and the treble shines through. The subtle mid-boost is a total plus, as it adds a dimension that contributes to the "can't turn it off" syndrome.

Thank you a million times over for producing this wonderful tool. You rock!! Have a great day.

- David

TS-808 footswitch

Date: 9/24/03

I live in texas when i was 15 years old a 50 yr drunk man gave me a pedal after a rehersal for some party. it was a ts808. i had a jackson dinky reverse i had been playing for 3 years at that time i played mostly heavy thrash metal stuff it was 1991. had a appitite for learning guitar but grunge was the tone. i hooked up the pedal and i thought it sucked. had a show that night for a graduate party and drank too much and puked all over the petal..battery cover off..i remember so well.. cause i picked it up off the floor and filled it with puke. 2 days later i picked back up and put it in a boss ds1 box..forgot about it..its been 12 years later i know how to play mostly blues jazz rock some of stevie ray vaughn licks read books /cd's /videos i love the guy's music and soulfull style of expression. Ive had rack processors and floor processors ever since 1991. but nothing sounded as sweet as when i hooked up my strat 3 days ago 9/21/03 and opened a musty mildewey puke crusted ts808 to a clean marshall did i ever get the right was i ever so blind...any way heres the thing do you have a button for the footswich mine got rusted and is luckily stuck in sweet mode..but i would like to switch...i just looked on the internet to find out info about this pedal and found out that this is a a really sought after pedal after playing on it i can never sell it i am however thinking of buying the ts9 mod from you cause i want to keep the 808 free from future chunk sessions...i got a gross pic of the pedal before cleaning..ya want to see..

No thanks!! :-)

Re: 3 pedals

Date: 9/23/03
From: paul

I got the three pedals yesterday. The silver ts9/808, the silver sd-1/808, plus the nkt275 fuzz face. I have yet to find words that will describe the tones i got!. I played the ts9 and the sd-1 first, using a reissue ES-335 through the nano amp with mesa 1x12 cab. man, just sounds real transparent! its amazing how the silver mod makes a big diffrence(i know, cause i had the regular mods before). sometimes i forget that i am using a pedal, i turn them on just to switch them off! the sd-1 is a great compliment to the ts9/808, not that i run them both but sometimes you just need a diffrent distortion flavor. i use the ts9/808 for slightly overdriven sounds, if i want more hair, i use the sd-1. both the clippings are just great, the gain knobs on them is just at 7 o-clock very little.

Then comes the sun face. I had one before that didnt have the sun face dial, and this actually gives me more options. if you listen to the Cream live at filmore, man its there in my living room!, the tone, the warm 3-d sound, crunch when you want it! with the volume knob at 7, i get the cream sound. at 4, bluesy overdrive! and it does cleans up pretty well, no fuzz at all. at full volume, i get hendrix.

thanks! sometimes i get confused which to play cause they sound awesome. i would just need two more and i will be done with my ultimate pedal board: bicomp and a picture wah.

Subj: TS9DX/808 with mode mods

From : GT

Got the Turbo in and used it on a gig. Wow! I was using an AC Booster through a Dr. Z 6545 but the Turbo/silver/modes was incredible. I have a TS 808 which sounds very good but I just hate the mid hump and decreased bass. I have used tons of other pedals and this is the best. The only drag is I just ordered another AC Booster for a backup but now I want another Turbo. Do you take trades? Thanks,

Subj: #ts9808Silver thanks

Date: 8/22/03 3:38:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jim

I bought your TS9/808 silver last week and put it in front of my Maxon OD808. Your silver ts9/808 is sweeter and definitely more 'vibrant' compared to the Maxon pedal. I immediately noticed the increased headroom and dynamic range of your pedal...very smooth with singing sustain when coupled with my Matchless Lightning 15 amp. The only thing that constricted the tone was the Maxon OD808 pedal's lack of 'true' fidelity compared to your silver modded Ibanez ts9. That is why I am ordering another siver ts9 to replace the Maxon. Great job! your pedal is definitely all that! I've been playing for over 30 years using every vintage item under the sun and I'm impressed....


Subj: thanks

Date: 8/22/03 3:38:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Another Scandanavian customer

Got my Clone Chorus last week. Very fast delivery indeed. I like the sound very much. Works well even after heavy distortion. Very organic and warm sound. And in stereo it is f***ing unbelieveable! Like playing two guitars at the same time! It can get expensive for me - I might have to buy another amp to get the effect on live performance. I didn't expect the stereo option to be this good. I just have a habit to by things with upgrades, because you never know when you need the upgrade and it gets more expensive to get it afterwords. I think the price is not so bad. It depends what you compare with. Fulltone Choral Flange costs 770 $ in Northern Europe because of all the middlehands. (and it's too big ) It's cheaper and more nice to buy direct from the builder.

Best wishes,

PR, Sweden

RE : XXX Calling: Just received your TS9/808 Tube Screamer and I love it!

Date: 8/20/03 1:42:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time

My name is Gary and I'm just writing you to say that I just received you Ibanez TS9/808 Tube Screamer and I love it. It only took a week to arrive and it's even better than I expected.

I'm an American living here in (Scandanavian country) and I heard nothing but great things about your Tube Screamer so I took the plunge and used your easy online International orders PayPal services.

My local music store also sells 808 modified TS9's but they said that theirs are the best. NOT! They said that if I bought one off the Internet I would be disappointed, pay too much and most likely get ripped off. Well, although I live here in XXX, I'm still an American through and through and whenever possible I try to buy American. OK, I realize the TS9 isn't manufactured in the USA but the real genius comes from Danbury, Connecticut in the good old U.S. of A.

So after I received yours, I borrowed one of theirs for a few days (stores do that here), brought it home and A/B'd it with yours and yours won hands down. It wasn't even a contest. I would like to go back to the store and show them the incredible difference just to prove them wrong but since they're the only music store around for me, I guess I'll try to keep a good rapport with them because they're the guys who do my guitar and amp repairs and I don't want to get on their bad side if you know what I mean. :) Thanks again and please don't retire too soon because I'll be buying more of your pedals as soon as possible.

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