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Interview and pedal/shop tour

early 2015 on Guitarmalade

Analog Man sponsored a very special master Class Guitar workshop with JIM WEIDER (The Band) & ANDY POWELL (Wishbone Ash)!

July 1st, 2012, in Danbury CT

For more info see the Master Class page.

Fulltone Tube tape echo for tornado relief in the US Midwest

Michael Fuller donated this lovely red TTE for disaster relief. We put it up on ebay and it ended on August 17th 2011. Here is the auction link.

Sweet Sound Mojovibe auction for tornado relief in the US Midwest

Barbara Sweet donated this lovely swirly MojoVibe for disaster relief. It ended on August 5th. Here is the auction link.

Japan Tsunami Relief auction on ebay

We put two very special KOT pedals on ebay to help out the Japanese disaster. A one-off GOLD pedal and one used by Kenny Wayne Shepherd for years on tour. Click on the pedal for more info. The first one raised $1325 for disaster relief!! They still need more help, please donate what you can at one of the donation sites like red cross.

Our second Japan Tsunami Relief auction on ebay

We have now put a very special KOT on ebay to help out the Japanese disaster, the one Kenny Wayne Shepherd has used for the last few years! Click on the pedal for more info.

Japan Tsunami Relief auction on ebay

We put a very special KOT on ebay to help out the Japanese disaster in March, 2011. It raised $1325 for disaster relief!! They still need more help, please donate what you can at one of the donation sites like red cross.

The Art of the Stompbox exhibit

There was an AWESOME exhibit at the Museum of making music in Carlsbad, CA that ran until September 2010. There are a bunch of Analog Man pedals and more than a few dozen pedals from our Effects Museum on display. There is also an excellent DVD available, with Henry Kaiser and Nels Cline explaining and demonstrating almost every type of pedal, in their own unique ways. We have the DVD in stock if you can't make the show.

For more info, see

We have been using FACEBOOK for this sort of thing a lot lately instead of here but will try to use this page again more often.

In the summer of 2009 we added some mods. We can do our MIX KNOB mod on the new smaller EH XO Q-tron and Q-tron+. We can add a speed control knob to the EH Poly Chorus.

The NY (NJ?) Amp Show

May, 9 2009

My Japanese collaborator Ohbayashi san came to the USA to work at our shop the week before and attend the show. We demonstrated our new dual analog delay pedal and the prototype of our Pedal Amp. The day after the show we went to see The Musical Box In NYC.

Here is a clip from


Last original version SunLion was auctioned off for Bob Sweet

March, 2008

Bob made the awesome Sweet Sound Ultra vibes, Mojo vibes and several cool fuzz pedals. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his throat which required immedate treatment. With no health insurance, this was devastating, so some of us in the business set up some auctions to help out.

I visited Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on their first stop of the 2008 tour in Hartford at the end of Feb, 2008. I brought a comprossor pedal for Steven Van Zant, and Nils has also been using them. Nils was kind enough to sign a pedal for this auction and also donated three of his CDs and a DVD

Unfortunately, Bob did not make it, but he was overwhelmed by the support shown him by guitarists all over the world. Here is some more info: bobsweet.htm

King of Tone Charity Auction Dec 2007

Like last year at this time, we put a new KoT Ver4 pedal up on ebay for charity. All proceeds went to the United Way of Western Connecticut. Neil Hedley from Charity Road Shows, Inc. ran this fundraiser just a few hundred feet from our shop. See for more info. This year we raised almost $400. The auction was on ebay.

Experience Hendrix tour

The aNaLoG.MiKe.eXpErIenCe

I caught this show in October 2007 right here in CT, click above for some more pictures and a short write up.

The Premier Guitar Festival in Boston Sept 2007 was great! We had a huge booth in the back of the room and lots of people stopped by! There were all sorts of clinics and jams with guys like Robben Ford, J Giels, Peter Stroud (who picked up our SUNFACE NKT) etc. is now open

For 2007 we have started a professional shopping cart website for simpler ordering and ease of tracking, adding options, combining pedals, etc. It allows using paypal in addition to several other payment methods including credit cards.

Tsunami and Hurrican Relief Auctions

thanks for helping to raise over $550 for Tsunami disaster relief! The completed Ebay Auction of the Donner painted Sunface. .

We also donated a large BICOMP for Katrina relief in September and a King of Tone pedal in October, with no wait and the proceeds going to hurricane relief. The Bicomp ended Wednesday 9/14 and raised $375. The KoT auction ended Oct 19th and raised over $700 !!:

FUZZ Documentary

In late summer 2006 we had a visit from a crew that are working on a documentary about guitar effects and the business. I pulled out all my old FUZZ pedals for this, here is a shot, click on it for a larger shot. The DVD is now available for sale on our website.

Overdrive Book

In the summer of 2006 we were interviewed for a Japanese OVERDRIVE book released by SHINKO MUSIC. Here is a link to the book for purchase in Japan. Sorry there is no English version yet but we hope to post an English version of our interview including parts they did not print.

Here is more of the interview and some more info on the RE-J web site.

David Gilmour On An Island Tour

In April 2006 I had the chance to attend a concert to bring David Gilmour a Whammy Pedal, and hoped to see our Sunface on stage. Here is more info and pictures.

Pictures with Analog Man T-shirts

We finally have T-shirts, have been selling them quietly since the start of 2006 on mod forms and a few of the shopping cart pages. Also available on Here are pictures of players with their Analog Man T-Shirts. Be sure to send me a shot and I will add yours!

In January 2006 I finally had a chance to go to the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, for a day. Click on the picture for more pix.

New pedals in 2005

We came out with two new CHORUS pedals (mini chorus and BI-Chorus) and a new FUZZ BOOSTER Sun Lion pedal for 2005. We also came up with two new mods in 2005, the DOD Overdrive mods and the Boss OD-1 Vintage mods. Check out the new Black Crowe's tour or radio online (2005 tour) to hear our SunLion and Beano Boost. On this free download of (only) Halfway to everywhere you can hear the SunLion/Beano on the left side and Marc's awesome wah and mojovibe work on the jam.

In October 2004 we checked our some amps and had AMP CAMP-II, click on the picture for more info.

11/2003 KING OF TONE pedal is introduced! Our 2nd new pedal of the year, click on the picture for more info.

Philly show 11/22-23/2003

We made it to the show again, this time Ohbayashi san, our Japanese collaborator, came. We also had Dave Fox from Foxrox Electronics, and Jim Weider was there to introduce our new King Of Tone Pedal. Click on the picture on the left for more info and pictures of the show.


In Nov, 2003 I finally had a change to visit with Greg Howard of and Aerosmith, who he has been working with for quite a while.
Here is a little writeup on the visit.

Steve Hackett

I am a huge Steve Hackett fan- his work with Genesis and solo is some of the best guitar playing I have ever heard. You can learn more, and hear some of his work on Steve's web site.

In the summer of 2003, Steve toured many Borders stores (!) playing some of his acoustic music on a classical guitar, to promote his new Electric album. I was lucky enough to meet Steve in White Plains, NY and have him sign my Nursery Cryme print (which I'd already had signed by Peter Gabriel) and a Colorsound Supa Tonebender Steve Hackett model:

I hope he tours with his band soon, I won't miss it this time!

Phish back together to welcome in the new year! 12/19/02

Before recording their new album and Trey's solo tour, Trey Anastasio picked up some silver TS9/808 pedals and BICOMPS. But I had never met Trey so thanks to Sid McGinnis (Letterman band) I was able to check out Phish's practice at the Letterman show and talk to Trey and his tech Brian. Here is more info.

Jim Weider Band in NYC 11/9/02

I dragged Jim Weider down to the Bottom Line a few weeks before this show to check out Scott Henderson. Jim spoke to the management at the Henderson show and they booked him for this show. Our friend Sid McGinnis from the David Letterman band (ex Peter Gabriel band, etc) also be played with Jim, and is using our latest DS-1/Pro pedal with his old 50s Strat and SID TONE tweed deluxe amp. Sid had played at the Bottom line before, once in the mid 70s with Barry Manilow! Sid is at the left in the picture, with Analog Mike, taken in the club after the first set. Jim's band was really rocking, it was too bad their set was rather short due to opening acts. I hope they will be back there soon and get to jam some more! Jim had played here many times before with The Band, but the club finally closed in early 2004.

Scott Henderson Trio in NYC 10/16/02

At the left is Scott Henderson and Analog Mike, outside of the Bottom Line talking tone. Jim Weider and I had a blast in NYC, visiting all the music stores before Scott's show at The Bottom Line. This was the first time I actually met Scott and heard him play live. This show was Scott's "blues trio" but each CD has gotten further away from standard blues sounds and playing. Poor Scott was plagued by humming noise but it did not stop him from giving his best and it was quite a performance! Scott has developed some unique playing styles and is quite the virtuoso. See Scott's Web site for more info and his latest touring schedule.

In May of 2002, we made another trip to visit Kenny Wayne Shepherd at one of his shows, this time Dave Fox came too. Here is a report on KWS with more pictures and information from both of the shows we attended.

Goodbye Cesar, my friend, say hello to Stevie for us.


George Harrison

Nov-01 ToneQuest report interviews Analog Mike!

Read the interview by clicking on the banner above. Also check out the tonequest web site for much more. I highly recommend this magazine for the ultimate in guitarists, guitars, amps, effect, etc with none of the hype like the guitar mags you pick up on the newsstands.

Jason Becker Tribute Album

Before joining David Lee Roth's band for the 1991 CD 'A Little Ain't Enough', Jason Becker (discovered by Mike Varney) shot to the limelight along side ex-Megadeth guitar player Marty Friedman in the speed metal band Cacophony. Both Becker and Friedman were in their teens at the time and the pair became recognized for their blistering warp speed guitar complexities and technique which was far beyond their teen years.

Unfortunately, just as the Roth band went on tour in support of the album, doctor's diagnosed Jason with the crippling Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) which completely over took his body. Today, at 32 yrs old, Jason has to use a computer scanner to read and his eyes to communicate, but he still actively composes music under such a difficult burden.

Warmth In The Wilderness is a CHARITY CD and the difference between this and all the other tribute CD's is that this one has been created to help Jason fight his disease with all the profits being donated to Jason and his family which will hopefully ease his battle a little against ALS.

You can read more about this CD and order it from

World trade Center, 3/01


You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one.
- J. Lennon

WTC photo by AnalogMike Piera, 3/2001


This was on for a while, and it is why Ohbayashi san from Hiroshima, Japan first contacted me. He soon joined us in many projects including trips to the USA. Sometimes tragedy can bring people together.

Philly Guitar show July 14-15 2001

Last summer's Philly GREAT AMERICAN GUITAR SHOW had the ultimate effects guys at our booth: Analog Mike (, Dave Fox (FOXROX electronics) and Geoffrey Teese (Teese Real McCoy) were at a double size booth showing and demoing all their pedals. There were new pedal announcements from all three companies and also tons of vintage pedals from analog man. The show was great, lots of people came by to check out the new Captain Coconut-2, we wish we had some ready as we would have sold a bunch! Also making it's first appearance was the Geoffrey Teese Picture wah - the answer for people who really want the original "picture Clyde" wah sound. Yes, that's Geoffrey's picture on the wah, not some lame trumpet player. I also had my new Chorus and Comprossor pedals at the show.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Concerts

I met KWS before his show Friday, May 25th, 2001 and again in May of 2002, and brought him some new effects! At the left are KWS and me in the dressing room checking out pedals with his mint pre-CBS Vibroverb and relic strat.


At the left is his new pedalboard which we put together 5 minutes before the show! He used my CLONE chorus for an awesome Leslie sound in many songs.

Here is a report on KWS with more pictures and information from both of the shows we attended.

Scott Henderson's TS-808 on ebay (sold)

Check it out, I sold it for him. Why did he sell it after using it on several records? Glad you asked, see my Tube screamer page for the answer. I also sold one for Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters) who also came over to our TS9/808.

The Musical Box

The Musical Box is a Canadian band who perform early Genesis shows in concert. I made the trip north to Montreal to see them perform The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. We saw them for a second time in Philly on April 5. 2002 performing Selling England By the Pound. We also saw them for a 3rd time in NYC at Irving Plaza in April, 2003, and then in Poughkeepsie, NY in Feb 2004. In late 2008 they played in CT performing their first post-Gabriel tour, Trick of the tail . I met guitarist François Gagnon there, and found out that he built his own replicas of Steve Hackett's old pedals! In May 2009 I spent some time with him at their NYC show at the Nokia Threatre, see more pictures and info on my The Musical Box page.

aNaLoG.MiKe and Dave Fox were at the Great American Fall Philly guitar show!

Lots of you came and saw/heard the Captain Coconut demo'd by the creator, Dave Fox, himself. It was Nov 18-19 2000, at the Valley Forge Convention center, in King of Prussia, PA. It was a GREAT show, we will be attending this one again this summer, July 14th and 15th, 2001.

Eric Johnson fan story

I often send customers and friends to deal directly with famous clients and other friends to make it easier for them and to avoid being middleman. Here is a happy story about a very young customer who had the night of his life with Eric Johnson, if you like happy stories or Eric Johnson check it out.




Boss DD-5 mod

I just finished a Boss DD-5 reverse mod for Kate Ebneter, it came out great! I got the idea from Jeorge Tripps from Way Huge, he's now working for Line-6. He did a similar mod to a pedal that was put on the Tone Frenzy page. The idea is that the REVERSE mode sounds cool, but the dry (normal) signal sort of ruins it. I added a KILL SWITCH (seen at the top left on the pedal) to kill the dry signal, so only the reverse delays come out and it really sounds cool! With the KILL switch, you no longer need to use an AB box to use the pedal, as the one on tonefrenzy did. This does require drilling a hole for the switch so it is not an easy mod to undo. But in the standard mode it functions EXACTLY like before so really no need to undo it even if you never use the KILL mode.

The added switch has 2 settings:

  1. Normal : Pedal functions exactly the same as stock. No AB box needed.
  2. KILL : The DRY signal is killed in all delay modes, even when you turn the pedal OFF. You just hear the delays when ON and when OFF you hear nothing.
  3. PANNING output is not affected by the mod, so if you need dry signal when the pedal is OFF you can use the PANNING output.

See my DD5 mod page for more information.

We also later came up with a HIGH CUT mod switch for this pedal and the newer DD-6 digital delay.


Jim Weider (with Tele) and analogmike I turned the big FOUR-OH on Wednesday, Jan 10th, and it just so happened that Jim Weider (the guy with the Tele in the picture) and the Honky Tonk Gurus were playing at B.B.King's blues club in NYC that night! Jim (who played guitar in The Band and now is going solo) stopped over at aNaLoG.MaN a few weeks ago to do a fuzz face shootout. When he told me about the gig at BBs I told him to count me in! BBs is a GREAT place, Jim and I went there a few months ago to check out Eric Johnson. Jim's show at BB Kings was great! Unfortunately I left before the 2nd show (brought family with me that had to work the next day) and we missed Jimmy Vivino's band who showed up and jammed with Jim all night long... Jim borrowed my '69 Marshall (in the picture) and is using it on his new tracks, he loves the clean Marshall sound blended in with his Fender amps for a multi-amp setup.

Check out my Fuzzface page for the answer to the long running problem of finding a good sounding, good looking fuzzface.

Here is Jim playing at the BB King show, with one of his famous Teles.

Guitar World KWS article, 1999

You may have read in Guitar World 11/99 that Kenny Wayne Shepherd is using our Modified TS-9/808s. They are the same TS9/808 classic mod as we build for everyone, although I did make his extra heavy-duty for touring (our KWS option). Here is an old shot of KWS and his pedals (before he added the Clone chorus and Captain Coconut). Here is a shot of his three ts9/808 pedals that I got in for maintenance.

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