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New Black Cat pedals are now available in late 2009, Tom at is making them!


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Old Black Cat product info

These are not available, leaving up the page for historical reasons.

Black Cat products were made in Texas by Fred Bonte up until fall of 2007. Fred has been making effects over twenty years, having worked with Eric Johnson and many of the great Texas guitar players. He designed and built some of the Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) products sold by Bradshaw, and I offer some of these products in Black Cat versions at a lower price.

OD-1 / Freddie fuzz

The OD-1 is a very sensitive distortion pedal, housed in a small black MXR distortion+ sized box. This pedal can go from clean, slightly crunchy tone to all-out saturated fuzz. It is unique in that it is VERY sensitive to the guitar- like a good fuzzface it cleans up well when you roll back the volume on the guitar. These are used by Scott Henderson, Steve Luthaker and many others, see the Guitar Player magazine with Neil Schon on the cover. These are still made by hand by Fred while the CAE version is made overseas.

Price : $155 plus $7 S & H in the USA.

Here is the Manual

Here is the OD-1 with controls at 12:00 with a Les Paul, into a Deluxe Reverb amp (Roger Filgate) BIB11.MP3

Here is the same OD-1 with maximum distortion setting BIB12.MP3

Here is another sample of the OD-1 with maximum distortion setting BIB13.MP3


The OD-FUZZ is a silicon fuzzface and the Black Cat OD-1 packed into the same pedal! Each channel has an LED indicated footswitch for true bypass on each side. Either side can be used seperately or together for a wide range of overdriven to full-out fuzz tones. The Fuzz is first in the circuit to allow playing dynamics and cleanup of fuzz to work well. 9 volt battery is included and there is a BOSS style 9V adaptor jack standard also for using power adaptors.

We also have them available wired with one ON OFF switch and one FUZZ / OD switch. This makes it easier to go from OD to FUZZ but they cannot be used together. Ask for which version we have in stock if you prefer one or the other.

The fuzz is VERY high gain so it may cause problems if the fuzz knob is up all the way, back it down a bit for normal sounds. When both effects are used together, the OD volume control will act like a master volume control for the whole box.

Price : $185 plus $7 S & H in the USA.

Super Fuzz

The Black Cat Superfuzz is based on the 1970s Univox superfuzz which is quite a popular fuzz pedal with a decent wallop of upper octave. They also are cool on bass - you can hear it on the most rockin' Beastie Boys song SABOTAGE.

Price : $155 plus $10 S & H in the USA.

Here is the Manual

Here is the SuperFuzz with a Les Paul with both TONE settings played one after the other BIB14.MP3

Bass Octave Fuzz

This pedal is a clone of the rare and valuable MAESTRO BASS BRASSMASTER which was used in the 70s by Yes, Eric Johnson's bass player Kyle Brock, and many other groups. It is a fuzz with an upper octave sound like an octavia, specifically voiced for Bass but working well with guitar also.

Price : $195 plus $10 S & H in the usa.

Ring Modulator

The Black Cat ring modulator was based on the rare and expensive Maestro ring modulator from the early 1970s. It is a complex effect, which gives weird metallic and sometimes non-musical sounds by using mathematical rather than harmonic blending of tones. Technically, it takes an input signal and modulates it with a sinewave oscillator to produce a sum and difference signal which is re-mixed with the original signal. The best sounds are made by attaching an external control pedal for the modulation frequency. Most standard voltage controllers (VC) with a stereo 1/4" plug on the end and just a potentiometer inside should work. This allows sweeping the modulation frequency as you play, or finding the "sweet spot" to the key you are playing in, for more harmonic sounds. You can play the same notes on the guitar and have it sound different by "playing" the pedal.

Price : $275 plus $10 S & H in the usa.

Here is the Manual

Black Cat Vibe

old version black cat vibeOn the left is the old version of the Black Cat vibe. The new version front panel is shown below, but the new ones are now all black with white writing, in a high quality aluminum box. You can mount it in a rack, we now carry the Roland RAD-50 half rack mount adaptor for $35.

Black Cat Vibe front panel

This effect used to be sold by CAE. They are very popular now as they are used by Trey in Phish, Scott Henderson, and Michael Landau. It is a half-width box that can be mounted in a rack, with controls on the front panel. I try to have these in stock (almost always with the CV jack option) but you can ask to make sure. The CV jack allows using a standard expression pedal like the Roland EV-5 to control the speed of the vibe like an an original uni-vibe.

May be available in a new STEREO OUTPUT version in 2006 for $100 more, email for availability.

Requires a 12V AC adaptor. We can supply it with one for USA 120V AC outlets.

Here is the Manual.

Price : $399 plus $50 for expression control jack option plus S & H.

Mini Vibe

The same size as the Bass Octave Fuzz (4" x 6"), but sideways, this is a smaller version of the Black Cat Vibe. It does not have the CV jack for speed control, it is not an option. But it's pretty small and sounds great, comes with a 24Vdc adaptor. You can use the EH deluxe memory man adaptor but the center plug is smaller.

Price is $299 plus $10 S & H in the usa

Mini Trem

Black Cat Mini Trem

In mid 2004 we got a Black Cat Mini Trem and it's really cool. Simple speed and depth knobs, in a medium size box like the SUPER FUZZ. Has AC adaptor jack. Also has a trim pot inside for volume, it can get really loud if you want.
$175 new.

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