Wishbone Ash info, by Analog Man

I got my 2003 Les paul '59 reissue in 2003 and Andy Powell checked it out when he came to my shop. At left he's checking out some of our pedals with it.

Andy has had dozens of rare vintage guitars, in fact he sold some to buy a farm in the UK! He is famous for his Flying Vs, he still plays the '67 that he's been playing since new but he's never had a Les Paul... until now. He liked mine, especially the neck, but wanted one in tobacco sunburst, so I hooked him up with one of my effects customers who works at a Gibson historic dealer. They sent him some pictures and one looked great so he grabbed it. When he got it, the neck needed a little work but the custom shop took care of it and now it's fine.

This is Andy's 2003 '59 reissue, like mine an early one with the Brazilian rosewood neck, next to his new Andy Powell signature V. Click on the picture for a large version if you want to see details.

Here is Andy playing it, with Ben Granfelt on the left. Click on the picture for a short video with audio, sorry it's quite dark but the sound is not bad for the built in $1 camera mic.




On the left are Andy's and Ben's pedalboards. At the bottom of Andy's is our blue Analog Man Clone chorus (stereo). The 3rd pedal is his Ibanez TS9 with our SILVER MOD, then the King of Tone overdrive.

Ben's temporary board is at the top, with the King of Tone in the middle and the TS9DX/808/Silver with mode mods on it's right.

On the left is Andy checking out his new Flying V for the first time through a real amp, at my shop, along with the King of Tone pedal. Kevin Chilcott of Royal guitars in the UK built this guitar for Andy. Click on the picture for a video with audio of him playing this guitar and King of Tone through my Marshall super lead 100.
The band is now (March 2004) on a short tour of the USA, then off for a longer tour of the UK. Check them out at The Wishbone Ash web site for more info and tour dates.

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