PCA Zone-1 Autocross, October 5-6, 2002

In 2001 I could not make the event due to a blown engine, and Mark DaVia won in his 996 Turbo. This year I was back to try to make it three zone-1 wins. My car was working great, I had gone back to my Hoosier radial setup after using the Hoosier Bias ply tires in the Lime Rock vintage race and a PCA CVR autocross. The Bias ply tires were terrible at the autocross, transitions were S L O W and grip was poor, but my last run I was able to pull out a win by less than a tenth of a second. Here are the Overall Results (Mark was on street tires which is why he was not competitive).

I was back on radials but these were the same tires I bought for the 1999 Mont Tremblant parade and used to win the Zone-1 FTD in 1999 and 2000. I had used formula-V traction treatment to try to get some stick back in them but a two day event would be tough on them... especially with Mark's 996 running well.

Unfortunately for Mark he was the event chairman and had too many things on his mind, which allowed me to win FTD by a few tenths. I had a killer run on the 1st day that would have been over a second faster but hit a cone on it, leaving Mark in the lead after the first day. The tires gave up after the morning runs on the second day but Mark could not get close enough to keep his lead.

Here are Zone 1 full results.

Here are the top times and which class they were in:
1) Mike Piera              1973 911    86.446    M3
2) Mark DaVia              996 TT      86.728    M3
3) Phil Kogan              993 TT      88.387    M4
4) Charles Stromeyer       993 TT      88.443    M4
5) John Hanson             914         88.809    M4
6) Rick Russell            914         88.951    M4
7) Adil Abdulali           Boxster S   90.022    P24
8) Robert Woodruff         944         90.039    M4
9) Adam Vale da Serra      914         90.063    I1
10) Randy Petschauer       Boxster S   90.147    P24
11) Henry Hoeh             944 Turbo   90.318    I3
12) Alan Kendall           914-6       90.357    M3
13) Scott Campagnola       911         90.474    M5
14) Paul Kudra             911         90.587    M4
15) Bruce Bellom           Boxster     90.796    P23
16) Drew Wikstrom          944T        90.893    I3

Hope to make it again next year!!!!

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