2004 Porsche GT3 Cup (SOLD)

2004 GT3 cup, ran supercup Team Farnbacher (Wolf Henzler won supercup in sister car) driven by Dominik Farnbacher (Horst's son). Here he is in a podium finish in the first race, on the right with Wolf in his normal Winner's position. This podium finish is sure to add dozens of dollars to the car's value when it becomes vintage.

I bought the car in early 2005 and ran the first two IMSA GT3 cup races. The passenger's door was hit at the Atlanta GT3 cup race, replaced it and RR fender. Then ran a few PCA races and five SCCA GT2 nationals races (won all five, beating multi GT2 Natl Champ Jim Goughary's 350Z) and SCCA runoffs (finished 6th, fastest Porsche).

In 2006 it got a new engine rebuild. It was raced at PCA Sebring, Atlanta, Lime Rock, and Watkins Glen races. A tire delaminated at Watkins Glen damaging LR fender and bodywork. Got a low 1:30 at Road Atlanta (qualifying 2nd fastest, behind pro driver Brent Martini). I got under 2 minutes at Watkins Glen in the enduro qualifying 2nd fastest behind Dino Loles who has won every GT3 cup race in 996 class this year). Lime Rock got a 56.2 (2nd fastest, 3rd overall in enduro starting from dead last due to timing/scoring problem).

The corners of this car were never hit, frame was never bent or straightened, car was never retubbed. it's a very straight, stiff car. Not raced as much as many 2004 cars, and only one year raced hard. I drive too gently and carefully for my own good.


The engine was running perfectly when rebuilt, set a new record for top speed in GT2 class at the SCCA runoffs in the last race before the rebuild. It had a few cylinders with excess leakage so we decided to rebuild it. This was it's first rebuild, it was installed as a replacement engine towards the end of the supercup series in 2004 by Porsche so total hours are also very low. This engine is within spec for running at the Daytona 24 hours race. Porsche does not advise racing an engine that was rebuilt more than once, or with over 100 TOTAL hours of running time, including all rebuilds at Daytona.
Engine has about 8 hours on it, usually short shifting except in qualifying and sprint races. Porsche motorsports rebuild with all new parts (pistons, cylinders, etc, about $20K, receipt available).


fresh clutch/pressure plate

New muffler ($4500)

New blue axles 2006 (very expensive)

many new suspension parts/links (anything not 100% was changed in 2006)

All new paint except front of car (fenders, hood, ft bumper, mostly covered in clear plastic anyway).

Have 3 sets of wheels, several good sets of dry tires, one good set rain tires mounted. (negotiable at extra cost)

Have AIM MXL data dashboard system installed (cost $1800, negotiable)

Have RC 200- High Resolution RaceCam with RC-95 - Intelligent wired remote controller for Sony video recorders installed (cost $1250 + $140.00, negotiable but would like to keep it)

Motorola pro radio and antenna are installed. Have push-to-talk on steering wheel, crew radio/headset, chargers, etc. Cost $1870 w/o install (all or part optional, prefer to keep radios, antenna/wiring will stay)

FAST Cool Suit is wired up and installed (cost $400,\ optional, wiring stays)

New plexi rear window (they get hazy after a few years)

Side windows are removeable, have small "vent windows" which bolt in front of the window opening to direct air (better aero). Can be seen behind the green mirror in this picture:

Nice pivoting window net included

Have spare brake pads (new set of rears I think, several used ft and rr)

spare shifter cable assy (good used)

spare wheel nut ring

GT3 cup manual/parts CD copy

customized gas pedal (raised for heel/toe and non-slip surface)

I can include some options for about half of new cost- AIM, Wheels with mounted good tires, cool suit, etc

You can get a cheaper early car, but upgrading to 2004/2005 specs is very expensive. Buy a proven late model car and you won't be wasting your time wondering about your driving and if upgrades would make you faster. 2005 cars were the last 996 made and were the same as this 2004.

I would like to sell this soon as I have no storage space and my 2007 997 GT3 cup will be here soon. I have spent two years improving this car and really enjoy racing it now but time to move up to the 997 as I have been waiting for a new cup car for three years.

Thank you for your interest!

Sorry for the dark pictures below but it was dark outside when I finally had time to stop at the shop. Also car could be cleaned better (white interior shows any dirt).






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Thanks for your interest!