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Spring 2024
Analog.Man guitar effects pedals LLC, Route 6, Bethel CT 06801 USA
PLEASE do not come to, or send anything to this address before contacting us for details. If sending to the address on the mod or repair forms, no need to contact us.
Hours: Online - always open!
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Phone info here Parlez-vous français? Ask for Arnaud, a native of France.

New Email addresses

For most questions, you can Phone the shop for some help 2pm-5pm EST.
Or you can email one of the guys who can help you out best. Mike is really busy running things so he won't be able to get back to you till the following day (but replies to all emails).

For shipping info, status, and stock availability, please email Ryan in our shipping and testing department at

For questions about order processing or changing your order, or questions about KOT list, BUT NOT TO GET ON THE LIST!!!!! contact Amy at:
To get on the list, see for the email link and info.

It's best to email Mike about custom pricing and special needs. Mike answers emails every day from the previous day. So wait for at least a day for a reply. Don't email Mike again until you hear back, or the emails will cross and things will get messed up. If you put URGENT in the subject line he will see it and if it really is urgent he will usually reply within an hour.

Please don't email more than one of us, choose one and go with it, thanks!

(but if it's urgent, you can CC Mike).

If you have a question on an order status, log into where you can find the status and tracking number of your order. See the order page of the guitar effects pedals you ordered for how long it takes to build, the availability line.

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We are on facebook Analog Man Guitar effects and AnalogMike, and Instagram analogmike_piera


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We have an e-commerce website with almost everything on it.


  1. Does not require using paypal but you can use paypal if you want.
  2. However international orders will probably need to use PAYPAL as most non-USA banks do not offer AVS address verification.
  3. AMEX is now accepted in late 2016, in addition to Visa and MasterCard.
  4. Allows multiple pedal orders with shopping cart
  5. Allows adding in options and accessories (cables, shirts, books, power supplies, etc)
  6. Allows us to adjust things, add things, etc before charging your credit card
  7. Allows ordering back ordered pedals without getting billed until they ship (if you use a credit card, or close the paypal window before completing payment).
  8. Has order status and tracking info always available.
  9. Perfect for ordering a Gift Certificate as it has a great interface and allows you to easily use the certificate at a later time.

Analog Man was started years ago from our love of vintage effects pedals which sounded so great but were getting impossible to find. Only a handful of small effects manufacturers were around back then. From humble beginnings it has grown and grown and fueled the current effects pedal explosion. Our passion for tone has turned on so many people that it is getting hard for us to keep up with the demand for our products and other boutique pedals that we sell. But we are doing our best and will continue to help you find YOUR TONE in the years ahead, while others like the many "ebay sellers" who have tried to fill in the cracks in our mortar, are long out of business. We don't have to sell our pedals new on ebay or Reverb- it hurts their reputation and competes against customers who may need to resell theirs. If you ever need to sell your Analog Man pedals, you will get much more for them, as they hold their values better due to our reputation and selling practices. However we sometimes sell a KoT pedal on ebay when we ship out a new batch of pedals from the KoT waiting list. We do this to discourage people from buying them just to resell on ebay, so more people who actually want them can get them at list price. So far it seems to be working well and the ebay prices are coming down.

No huge magazines ads - referrals are the best ads, and we get plenty of repeat business from our good customers. Once you get something from us, we do our best to keep you coming back for more. Many players have bought almost every pedal we make (plus many more that we sell). We don't boast how great our service is, we prefer to let you tell us.

We will bend over backwards for our customers, but not forwards.

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. —Red Adair


Our Analog Man brand pedals except the analog delay and Prince of Tone are completely built in the USA- the boards and components are all put together here. Some of the larger "usa made" brands including many of the large "boutique" builders actually have their boards made and stuffed in the far east, or the pedals are totally manufactured for them at factories. Are you sick of the mass-produced, over-hyped, over-marketed cheap slave-labor produced disposable junk being passed off as Guitar Effects these days? Then you have come to the right place!!! We sell only the absolute best made and supported pedals. The pedals we sell are not made with planned obsolescence in mind- they will not end up polluting our landfills and causing you to buy a replacement. All of our Analog Man pedals can be fixed easily by any good tech with readily available parts, as they are hand-made. Spend a bit more on a quality product and you will save money in the long run.

The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.
- internet quote inspired by Hunter S. Thompson

Analog Man's guide to Vintage Effects

For over two years, Analog Tom (with help from Mike) worked full time on writing the ultimate effects book, and now we're proud to announce the release of Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects. Click on the book for more info. Made in the USA!

New ARDX20 Ver4 Dual Analog Delay pedal now available!

We are now able to sell these delay pedals in a decent quantity so they are usually available on the website. See our shopping website for more info. The AMAZE0 tap tempo/modulation/preset controller was discontinued but the AMAZE1 became available again in late 2017. In late 2011 we came out with Ver3 of the ARDX20 delay which has a trimpot for maximum delay level; sturdier circuit boards, internal construction, and wiring; better jacks; and maybe even less noise. In 2014 we came out with the "flat box" version four of the ARDX20.

FUZZ: The sound that changed the world

New movie is available

Clif Taylor has made a movie about the boutique pedal business and visited us for parts of it. We have them on our new website,

Featuring Billy Gibbons, Mike Matthews, Analog Man, Pro Analog, Bjorn Juhl, Jeorge Tripps, Geoffrey Teese, etc.

Jim Weider news

Jim's fabulous Telecaster Neck pickup that he designed and has used for years is now available at Analog Man only! The BIG-T is here! We also now have a matching Bridge Pickup, just like Jim's original '52 Pickup, bold and clear!

RIP Levon, we all enjoyed your music and smile, thanks so much for your
wonderful comeback and 2nd round of music!! We'll Keep it goin'!

No Delays on almost all pedals!

Most pedals we sell including our ARDX20 delay, AMAZE1 controller, Prince of Tone, etc are in stock and ready to ship! These items will usually ship the business day after your order. There is no delay on pedals you send in for mods, those get top priority as we don't want people to be without their pedals for long. Usually mods take only a few days. Chorus pedals, Compressors, Fuzzes, and other handmade Analog Man pedals are custom made to order due to the many options, so are taking from a few days day to a few weeks.

The King Of Tone is the only pedal that has a waiting list now. KoT list is explained on the KoT Delay page. Prince Of Tone pedals are usually available on Wednesdays but you can try any time. We finished the Bicomp list in May 2012.

RMC wahs have been backed up but we are getting them in more regularly now, see my RMC page for current status. If you order a wah elsewhere, MAKE SURE they have it in stock as some dealers may not be as honest about availability. Most other pedals like Strobostomp, Boss, Xotic, MXR, Dunlop, Wah Huge, Voodoo lab, Black Cat, EHX, Z Vex, Ernie Ball, etc should be on the shelf ready to ship the business day after we get your order. Feel free to ask before placing an order to be sure, or if you are in a rush. THANKS!!!

Analog Man info in Russian, courtesy my friend Dmitri from

Click on the picture for more info on the 2006 Japanese Overdrive book which has an inteview with AnalogMike and a lot of info on overdrive pedals, both new and old (all in Japanese, sorry!) Here is more of the interview and some more info on the RE-J web site.

Stolen pedals

Nothing recent.

Ernie Ball Volume and Wah Pedals now available

We also have a BUFFER MOD we can put in your existing Ernie Ball volume pedal, or in a new one that we have for sale on See our Ernie Ball page for more info. Rest in Peace, Ernie!

Astro Tone Fuzz

The Astro Tone fuzz is an easy-to-use fuzz pedal that works for almost everyone. Based on the old Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx, it's not super saturated and fuzzy, but just right. This pedal is really taking off... Click the picture for more info.

Peppermint fuzzes available!

More Info here.
This is a WAY-OUT mid 1960's psychedelic fuzz pedal, a ton of fun, maybe my favorite pedal to play with now.

King Of Tone

The KING OF TONE is our dual channel overdrive pedal, we are now making the 6 knob Version 4 model. We introduced this pedal at the Philly guitar show in the fall of 2003. We have been shipping them since early 2004, but not fast enough, so the waiting list has grown VERY long, click on the picture for more info. In 2009 we came up with a HIGHER GAIN option for a little more drive out of either side.

Analog Man Sun Face Pedals ready to rock!

Our Sun Face fuzz pedals are being built each week with several awesome sounding transistor options for the warmest, smoothest tone ever. See our Fuzz Face Page for more info.

Analog Man Beano Boost

The Beano Boost is a crunchy booster pedal that focuses your tone and tightens up your amp, to cut through the mix, for awesome vintage tones. See our Beano Boost page for more info.

Analog Man Sun Lion Pedals are available!

The Sun Lion is a popular combination of the Sun Face and Beano Boost in one box. See our Sun Lion page for more info.

New versions of aNaLoG.MaN Clone Chorus pedals are available!

In 2005 we came up with two new versions, the smaller size MINI CHORUS and the full featured BI-CHORUS. Our Standard Chorus pedal is also available, we have new aluminum cases in and they look great! This is the most organic chorus pedal I have yet to try, and can get thick enough for almost anyone, without sounding seasick. Awesome leslie sound at high speed!

These chorus pedals all have a Revision-4 improved circuit board with excellent shielding. There is no volume drop when the pedal is on, and there is very little analog noise. There is also a STEREO option available, which was suggested to me by Eric Johnson who likes to use his Analog Man chorus in stereo. The stereo option is $50 extra on a new pedal.

Here's more info for the Analog Man CHORUS pedals.

Analog Man CompROSSor Pedals and ROSS MODS

We are building all new versions of COMPROSSOR pedals! We started years ago by doing many mods on reissue MXR (Dunlop) Dynacomps, to 100% Ross compressor specs. In late 2000, when there were no Ross clones like the Keeley on the market yet, we started building an improved version ourselves. Here is the information on these pedals. We were also able to build a clone of the Orange Squeezer compressor onto the COMPROSSOR board, so several versions of Analog Man compressors are available. This picture is our BICOMPROSSOR which is both pedals in one. In 2016 we came out with REV5 which has a MIX control either internal or as a knob, for the ultimate in compressor sounds. We also offer the RYCK toggle, for brighter sounds as used in the 12 string Rickenbacher guitars with built-in compressors.

Bad Bob pedals

We are making several versions of the Bad Bob Boost pedal now, from the Mini Bad Bob in the twinkie size case to the Dual Bad Bob. Click on the picture for more info.

New Buffer pedals and options

We are now making buffers in many shapes and types, in case you need one on your pedalboard. We can also build them into volume pedals, switchboxes (loop boxes, AB boxes, etc) and other pedals. Click on the picture for more info.

Analog Man T-Shirts

We have T-shirts, have been selling them since the start of 2006 on mod forms and they are now available on Here are some of our shirts in action. Shirts are available on our new website We also created a special King of Tone shirt in 2009. We have some cool baseball hats, Beanie caps, AM keychain bottle openers, Micro Fiber cloths, and Koozies too!

FoxRox Octron, Octron3, TZF flanger, ZIM overdrive, and Aqua Vibe now available!

We are now selling the coolest octaver ever made, the Octron and Octron3. We also have the ZIM Dual Overdrive, which is a true two-pedals-in one with unique voicing controls to get all sorts of cool sounds. The TZF2 flanger is available. The Captain Coconut was discontinued in late 2006 as they were too difficult to build efficiently. We also have the FOXROX HOT SILICON and CC Hybrid fuzz face pedals!! We finally got some Aquavibe pedals in stock too, a great Uni-Vibe sound. More info on these is on

ToneQuest report interviews Analog Mike!

Read the interview here! Also check out the tonequest web site for much more. I highly recommend this magazine for the ultimate in guitarists, guitars, amps, effects, etc with none of the hype like the guitar rags you pick up on the newsstands.
In the JUNE 02 issue, our BICOMPROSSOR was featured on the ultimate pedalboard! Also see the December 02 issue with our buddy Jim Weider on the cover for a review of the SUN FACE.

Who is/are Analog Man?

Find out more info about us here.

Guitar Effects Forum

We have a forum for questions and answers but have not been using it much for the last several years as other great forums like have come up. There are some really cool "vintage" posts there from Geoffrey Teese, Alfonso Hermida, the late great Cesar Diaz, The Great and Wondrous Kate Ebneter, Jeorge from Way Huge, and other experts in guitar effects. Check out the posts by Cesar Diaz (SRV's amp tech) about Stevie's amp mods! Greg Martin from the Kentucky Headhunters also lurked (screen name TWANGBAR) along with AJ Dunning of The Verve Pipe, Jon Butcher, and many, many others.

Pedaltrain Pedalboards now in stock, new sizes! more details.

New Electro-Harmonix Pedals now in stock, at lower prices!

So many new pedals in the last several years we can't keep track!
New in 2011 was the Deluxe Memory Man with Tap Tempo
New in 2009 was the POG2, DMM XO version, Memory Boy, etc
New in 2008 were so many pedals, like the Big Muff with tone wicker, the Voice Box, etc
New in 2007 Germanium OD, Micro POG, New in 2006 are the EH 2880 super multitrack looper, HOG, little big muff, and Metal Muff.
New in 2005 was the FLANGER HOAX.
New in 2004 were the Bi-Filter and Polyphonic Octave Generator

Neil Young once said
Sound is like water. Analog is a warm bucketful slowly poured over your head and digital is the same water, same bucket only this time it's ice cubes dumped quickly. I know which is more pleasing to me.

Learn how to sing the blues! (humor).

New to the internet? read this!

AMPS, Reverbs, and Speakers

  • NEW 65 amps LONDON 1x12" celestion combo, these are amazing amps. Check it out at our shop and bring it home. See for more info.

  • NEW Leslie G37 and Leslie G27 rotating speakers for guitar now available! See for more info.
  • NEW Ibanez Tube Screamer amp TSA15H - a real tube amp, with a built-in tube screamer. All tube design for warm sound, available as a head or with optional 1 x 12" cabinet.
  • Oliver G400R amplifier, about 1971, made by Jess Oliver Of Ampeg, head with 2 x 15" bottom, reverb intermittent, head in good shape, speaker cabinet a little worn, email for more info.

    Don't see what you are looking for?

    Ask anyway, We keep a computerized want list and have found some very obscure pieces at good prices.

    Effects Pedal Repairs and Mods

    We do mods every day, usually get them back out within a few days. We are too swamped with our own repairs, mods, and buying/selling effects to do many involved repairs for customers. But we will repair pedals I am very familiar with, like Fuzz Faces, Dynacomp or Ross compressors, Big Muffs, Wahs, and Tube Screamers which are easy for me to fix. We do a lot of restoration work on vintage fuzzfaces, as we have most of the original parts in stock and can make them sound better than new by correctly biasing them with select resistors. We often do tube screamer repairs free with an 808 mod. We can also do true bypass mods on pedals with stomp switches (wahs, EH and MXR type pedals). Our EH Bad Stone and Small Stone bypass mods will fix the volume drop too. We can do a true bypass mod on the Russian Big Muff pedals without changing the switch, by adding a relay. You should use a power supply for best results. We also change the jacks out and do a lot of rewiring to make it reliable so it's not a cheap mod. It's $125 on the later bubble font and the black versions for True bypass, new wires, jacks, pots, and power jack, or $165 for the older versions (civil war muffs, tall fonts, basically the enclosure with the die cast ridges on the side).
    We offer a true bypass mod for the Boss CE-1, Micro POG, Mutron III+, and the original WH-1 Whammy pedal but no longer do the new reissue WH-4 whammy (they die too much while modding). We can replace the pot in the Ibanez WH10 wah pedals for $65 but can't guarantee how long they will last as the WH10 is a really cheaply made pedal. We have the rare chip to fix the old Logic Research Laboratories ROTOVERB pedal. We also have a true bypass mod for the Arion Chorus, SCH1 or SCHZ, in which we install boss knobs to make it look better too. We even keep the stereo functionality with stereo true bypass. We have even done remote true bypass mods on things like an old Dynacord CLS-222 Leslie simulator. We have a taper mod for the Way Huge Supa Puss, that we did on some pedals for Trey from Phish. Stock the delay level comes up too fast, it's hard to dial in just a bit of delay. Some of the older ones with "REV D0" do not need the mod, check your board in the area of the DEPTH knob and check the rev, REV G0 is the one that needs the mod. We can also do this mod on the old Ibanez AD-80 which has the same problem. We put Boss style power adaptor jacks on pedals quite often, and can add LEDs, usually as an option with a true bypass mod. We can replace bad jacks on a Strobostomp1 with case mounted jacks like we use on the bicomp and KoT for $50. Our Repair form or Mod form has more info, please email me 1st to make sure we can do your job. If it's not something that I have time for, I will try to recommend someone.

    We Buy Effects!

    We are always buying old and rare effects, guitars, amps, etc. so let us know what you might be willing to sell or trade. We need old and rare effects in any condition- even empty cases or guts, for repairs and restorations. It's hard for us to give a good price for effects that are still readily avaible, as we don't deal with "used" effects any more due to our time constraints. Currently need an early 70's orange-colored Colorsound Power Boost, old fuzz faces in any condition for parts (pots, bottom plates, etc). Also need a top pedal name plaque for an EH talking pedal.

    Appraisals : we get a lot of emails asking what a pedal is worth. We would be glad to give you an appraisal for a fee, here is more info.

    aNaLoG.MaN FILES and other links

    Here are some aNaLoG.MaN files and links you will want to see.

    Ordering Information

    The vast majority of our sales are now made on the internet with no phone calls or personal visits necessary. Here is some info if you are nervous about online ordering.

    New shopping cart Website BUYANALOGMAN.COM

    Use our new shopping cart website for easiest shopping and the most payment methods. If you have a USA credit card, you can use it directly on our website.

    Shop Without Sharing Your Financial Information

    When you pay with PayPal, your credit card and bank numbers are never seen by the seller or merchant. Your financial information stays safe. Plus, you're protected 100% against unauthorized payments sent from your account.
    We can take secure online orders with USA credit cards. We use PAYPAL for processing most non-USA credit cards. Most non-USA cards do not have AVS address verification Service and will be declined by our bank. If you already have a paypal account and choose paypal for payment, the order will be very simple to place (just enter your paypal password). If needed, please update your paypal account with your current email address and credit card BEFORE ordering.

    Or use a USA credit card (Visa, M/C or AMEX) on our new website without paypal.
    An E-CHECK or savings account/bank debit card payment through Paypal is great, but will slow down your order about 3-4 days for the e-check to clear.

    Paypal is very safe and reliable especially now that they have been bought by EBAY.

    You will get a confirmation email from our new website (and paypal if you used it) as soon as the order is placed. We will send you another confirmation with the tracking number when we ship the order, usually the next day on in stock items. The website also keeps track of the order status and tracking number.

    Money Orders

    We accept money orders for payment for anything we sell. This is a payment option on the new website. When you check out, it gives you a total, prints a receipt that you can mail with your payment, and tells you where to send the money order.

    Foreign Orders

    We are a qualified PAYPAL WORLD SELLER. Paypal will now allow people from most countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, UK, etc) to order online. Our website will calculate exact international shipping options for you before you pay. You might be able to use a credit card on the new website without paypal if your card has AVS. Most non-USA banks do not have AVS (address verification service) so you may have to use "PAYPAL/NON USA CARDS" option for overseas online orders.

    An international money order in US Dollars can be sent. You can also use a Western Union money wire for any order. Bank transfers can also be used. Overseas buyers may have to pay some customs fees to their country when the order is delivered. We have no control over your country's taxes, but we will try to keep your fees low. But we can not send an order marked as a GIFT as that does not usually work anyway.

    We now have dealers in Russia and Israel.

    Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. Are you also Selling online? Get your own PAYPAL seller account!


    We use US MAIL (USPS) for shipping pedals. Priority mail is about $12 for a small pedal. This takes 2-3 days. We don't charge any extra for Alaska, Hawaii, APO addresses, or Puerto Rico. We sometimes use normal air mail for small items and parts. For Canada and Overseas, we prefer Express Air Mail which is insured, safe, and VERY fast, just a few days to Europe. Express is about $65 for a small pedal overseas or $50 to Canada. Tracking for express and priority mail is online at and you can click on the tracking number on also.


    Analog Man warrantees all the pedals we build and modify for one year to the original owner. Other pedals we sell but do not build or modify, come with their own warrantees from the manufacturers, and we cannot repair those brands under warrantee. With Analog Man, there are no problems, only solutions.

    Return Policy

    30 day approval on all items except amps - if you don't like it, send it back. But email us before returning it for info on how to return it. No "restocking fees" but shipping & handling charges are nonrefundable, even if you received free shipping. Returned items must be in original, brand–new condition, showing no signs of wear or use (don't put velcro on them yet!). You wouldn't want to buy a "new" pedal that was used. Items must also include all original packaging, manuals, warrantees and accessories (but keep the Analog Man sticker!). Please be sure you really want something before ordering, and have enough money for it, as returns are very costly for us. PLEASE email me for detailed return info before sending anything back.

    Many 'Net References available, lots of happy customers! (And we want more)

    Regards, AnalogMike

    To send me Email ->

    Contact Info is at the top of this page.

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