Hot Chili Tube Company Tubester

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image of tubester New Tubester in Green/Blue starting late summer, 2002.

Sorry no longer available

Analog Man Vintage guitar effects

The Tubester is built like a tank with 16 guage steel and the best materials. Each is individually hand wired in the U.S. with point to point wiring and the best quality components from Carlingswitch, Switchcraft, Motorola, JAN, etc. If you want the best tube pedal at a reasonable price, this is the one!

I hear Jimmy Page ordered one in the summer of 2000... and Smokin' Joe Kubek thanked Don for the best overdrive tone on his last CD. See the August 2000 Guitar Player Gizmo Alert for a quick review.

There are five onboard controls :

  1. Gain : Adjusts amount of distortion
  2. Level : Overall output level
  3. Voltage : Adjusts voltage to tube itself!
  4. Tone : One simple control
  5. Output B : Adjusts the output level of the "B" output


Three models :

Price :

$259 plus shipping for each model.

Options :

Sometimes I will have a Silver DS-1 in stock, the Lajoie Pure Silver Wire is an additional $50. Silver wire has ultra low capacitance and super high conductance for the ultimate in sound, no high end is lost. There are no other options available at this time.

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