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If you have background sounds enabled on your browser you should be hearing the Ultra-Vibe right now! It will stop after 8 bars.

The Ultra Vibe is a recreation of the Unicord Uni-Vibe from the late 60's and early 70s. The Uni-Vibe was popularized by Jimi Hendrix (Machine Gun, Woodstock, etc), Robin Trower (Bridge Of Sighs), Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon, 1st guitar you hear!), and many others. It was designed as a Chorus/vibrato for use with keyboards, for a leslie speaker type sound. But with an electric guitar it has a unique, organic phase/chorus sound.

A little history on the Sweet sound Ultra Vibe, by Bob Sweet

After years of looking for a real uni-vibe. I finally found one, but the price was so outrageous I decided I'd just make my own.

I had extensive experience building my own effects and building effects for local music stores in the Detroit area (from 1975 - 1985 I built all my own analog delays, distortions, chorus, and flangers). I had the photo cells manufactured after the original cells that were used. But these have been made to much closer tolerances than the originals insuring a better match between the 4 cells that are used. I stress these photo cells because they are one of the keys to the Ultra Vibes unique sound, the other being the correct lamp. There's no magic or voodoo to the original Uni-vibe or the Ultra vibe, it's just simply a good sounding circuit, with a little tweaking it can be made to sound very good.

I use glass epoxy plated PC boards, high quality mylar capacitors, cast aluminum silk screened cases, quality pots, true bypass switches, and switchcraft jacks. Pedal models also have a true bypass (unlike the original Uni-vibe) so it does not affect your tone when bypassed.

Guitar Player Uni-Vibe shootout, April 1996

GP magazine compared the Ultra vibe to the other uni-vibe style effects on the market, and rated it one of the best :

"definitely had the right attitude. It was the roundest sounding of our contenders ... Even pulse and smooth, creamy voice. If you're into warm, classic tones, you'll enjoy this box immensely."

Hear the sound of the Ultra Vibe!

New Ultra Vibe

Analog Man now has the NEW style Ultra Vibes In Stock
They now have :

Ultravibes were discontinued in 2003, when Bob made a smaller version, the MOJO VIBE. Then the Ultra Vibe-II came out later.

Praised by pros and semi pros alike for its authentic "Vintage Uni-Vibe" sound, the Ultra Vibe has been known as "the one to own". And now the Mojo Vibe picks up where the Ultra Vibe left off. At half the size ( approx. 4 1/2" X 5") and weight of the original Ultra Vibe the Mojo Vibe will leave you with more real-estate on your pedalboard than any other true vibe effect available.

Here is more info on the -> Sweet Sound MojoVibe


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