Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) 6/20/04

You can click on most of the images on this page for a full size, detailed image.

Analog Mike on the magic carpet with the guitar. Note that Page also uses a tube screamer, for the Clavinet I guess, you can see it under the Hammond. Click on the picture for a large version where you can see it clearly.

Mike at Brian Brown's guitar tech area with one of the two new TS9/808/Silver pedals we brought for Trey. Click on the picture for the full size version and check out the hilarious pictures and captions.

Here is a closeup of the Tube Screamers and old RMC3 wah. Below you can clearly see the knob settings. The left TS9 has the drive up all the way, and the level pretty high too for a strong sound. The one on the right has the drive about 3:00 and less level too for a more mild boost.

Here are some Phans, deep in enjoyment!!!

Getting ready for the trampolines!

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Have fun!

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