The NGM Standard is our set production model. . This ingenious multilevel Pedalboard Roadcase design is a extremely functional tool for today's guitarist. The two level design lets you put more effects in less space and makes it easier to access and combine effects without altering your settings.

There is 30"X 14" of total pedal space inside for you to arrange your effects the way you want them. The inside surfaces are carpeted so your effect pedals will "stick" anywhere you want them with a little help from some male velcro. The NGM Standard comes with any size upper level you need and it is also carpeted. The Upper level is velcroed down so you can lift it up to route all of your cables or if you ever need another size upper level you could order a new size from us and replace it yourself.

Typically the upper level would be 24"X7" as seen here. It allows for 1 oversize effect like a wah or volume pedal (this one has a wah plate). If you have more oversize effects you would need a shorter upper level. If you have the tried and true wah/vol combination far right, the upper level would need to be 20"X 7". If you need more upper level width than 7" let us know. Also, the upper level is tall enough to hide the popular pedal power systems available (voodoo labs, dunlop juice etc...). This keeps all of your power connections safe, out of the way and lets you hide the connection cables.

Whatever combination of pedals you have the NGM Standard can handle it! 

Hint......Just take a few minutes and cut out a piece of newspaper that's 30"X14" to see if its enough room for all of your effects. Then arrange your effects in two rows to determine what size upper level you need.


The NGM Standard also comes with a storage/power surge outlet compartment and small storage area. The large area lets you drop a typical 6 outlet surge protector which can be conviently routed out of the side of the storage compartment so that you can connect a extension cord and easily power your board in a snap. The small storage area is great for all accessories so you don't have to lug around an extra bag full of essential gear. The hinged lid protects your power from over zealous front row drinkers and keeps all of your extra gear in place during transport.



The lid is completely removeable and is attached to the Pedalboard by four reccessed valance latches. It is also lined with spongy foam so that your effects will stay in place and have a gentle ride in transport. Closed, NGM Pedaboards give your effects flight approved roadcase protection. 

Just unlatch, plug in and play!


These are all custom built to order and shipped direct from Texas to get to the most people the fastest. But there can be a delay until yours is built after your order, as they are quite busy. Could take up to a few months, and we dont make them here so we really can't help push the delivery. If you order you'll have to be patient afterwards. Email me to find out if there is a delay.

Click on the left for online ordering of an NGM Standard Pedalboard $275 plus $30 S & H, please only for US orders:


Click on the left for online ordering of an NGM Standard Pedalboard With optional Wah Plate ($20) $295 plus $30 S & H, please only for US orders: