Black Cat Vibe manual . 10/2001

FRONT PANEL: (from left)

IN/OUT SWITCH: With switch in up position, the unit is always engaged. With switch in down (remote) position the switch jack on the back is now remotely controlled by a MIDI ground control unit or by a push-on, push-off footswitch.

STATUS LED:When LED is lit the unit is engaged.

Chorus/Vibrato switch: When switch is up the unit is in chorus mode. When switch is down, the unit it in vibrato mode.

VOLUME CONTROL: Controls the output level when the effect is engaged.

INTENSITY CONTROL: Controls the amount of the clock pulse which drives the internally mounted lamp and thus the intensity of the effect. This is used mostly in the vibrato mode. Note: because of the effect design, the effect is more intense at higher speeds.

SPEED CONTROL: Controls the effect speed. Some versions may also have a CJ jack on the rear that allows pedal control of effect speed (optional extra charge).

REAR PANEL (from left):

12VAC: uses a 3.5mm pin jack to provide 500 mA of 12VAC power.

CV Jack (optional) : allows an expression pedal to control the speed of the unit.

FOOT SWITCH: 1/4" plug allows remote control of the device in REMOTE mode by grounding the tip.

OUTPUT JACK: 1/4" plug provides output of the device (to amp).

INPUT JACK: 1/4" plug provides input to the effect (guitar)

INTERNAL: (with control panel facing you)
There in one internal trim pot in the unit. There used to be three on older units: Along the front of the circuit board at the right was a trim control for the intensity of the front panel lamp. To the left is "bias level" control for the effect. This trim pot is on current units. To adjust this, set unit in chorus mode at minimum clock speed. Listen for a WHOOSH sound when effect engages, at the counter-clockwise position. In the upper left board area was a trim control for output for output buffer gain. If more output level is desired, turn the control in a clockwise direction. This and the lamp intensity control were removed for increased reliability.


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