(2 STAGE OCTAVE DOUBLING FUZZ)

    Congratulations on your purchase of the BLACK CAT SUPERFUZZ.  To insure your
    complete satisfaction with the unit we will describe its features and briefly
    outline the two different operation modes.
    With the pedal facing you, that is with the footswitch closer to you and in the
    bottom right corner. The features are as follows.
    INPUT JACK: On right side, plugging a 1/4" jack into the input provides input
    signal and turns 9 volt battery on.
    OUTPUT JACK: On left side of pedal plugging in a 1/4", jack carries output from
    OD-1 to amp or other signal processing unit.
    2.lmm POWER JACK: Located on rear of OD-1 a 2.lmm "BOSS STYLE" power jack
    allows operation of unit with external power source. A  9VDC adapter is
    preferred but a 12VDC unit may be used.  Please note that the 12VDC unit will
    give more output.
    FOOTSWITCH: The footswitch is mounted on top of the unit.  Stepping on the
    switch will change the true by-pass footswitch from by-pass to effect engaged
    mode.                              4
    EXPANDER (VOLUME): This control controls the overall output of the unit.
    TONE: The tone switch gives you a choice of two different sounds.  With the
    switch up you get a straight fuzz sound, and with the switch down you get a muted
    "NOTCH" filtered sound.
    DISTORTION CONTROL: This knob controls the amount of signal that passes
    through from the lst stage amplifier to the 2nd stage amplifier.  The more
    signal that passes from stage to stage the more distorted the sound at the
    output.  Turning up the DISTORTION control will give you a fuzzier octave
    doubled sound.
    OPERATION: To get a screaming FUZZ sound, turn the DISTORTION CONTROL to
    about 3 o'clock.  Then start with the VOLUME CONTROL turned all the way down and
    turn it up until you reach the desired level of effect.  To get a fuzzier sound
    crank the DISTORTION CONTROL all the way!  Now adjust the TONE switch to get
    your preferred sound.