2005 Road Atlanta PCA club race

I got my 2004 GT3 supercup the Tuesday before the event. Ran Friday practice in the rain, felt OK, then a session or 2 in the dry. Sat am hit a patch of oil just after T1 on the warmup lap and spun into the wall, hit RR susp/fender. End of the world feeling, what have I gotten myself into... Came in on a flatbed, through medical, to scruts, to the steward in the timing tower who tells me to get back out there, oil spin was not my fault, no 13/13 PCA penalty. Would have been VERY nice for them to tell us about the oil, BEFORE going on the track. At previous races, we have been told in grid about bad track conditions.

Spencer from my team Farnbacher/Loles replaced RR ball joint, tie rod, wheel, and sent me back out. Then rr axle broke when entering the track. I knew it would be bad as they twisted it getting onto the flatbed against my concerns. Flat towed in by a Cayenne I think. Not real happy. New $2000 axle installed, went out again, car was OK.

Qualifying was terrible starting from dead last, no clear laps, 1st time in a cup car on good tires, qualified mid pack in GTC3. I made mistakes on all 3 of my clear laps...

Race start, 50 some odd cars, got forced off the track on the inside of Turn 1 and again (worse) on Turn 3, lost several places. Made them back up in the next 13 laps, one by one. Finally got a clear lap and saw another GTC3 car well ahead, went all out to catch him, was gaining on him on front straight, was less than half a second back when the checker came out. Got a 1:30.9 on that lap, about a second slower than the class leaders. Maybe with some seat time I can catch them, will see at the IMSA race in 2 weeks. Here are the RESULTS


Saturday I was really tested, Sunday was better. Won a set of Dunlop tires at the Sat night party and a half set of Hoosiers at the awards, hopefully an omen of better things ahead. (unfortunately it was not...).

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