1972 Porsche 911S Targa

This is my 1972 911S Targa, I bought it in 1984. It is all original - paint, interior, top, etc, etc. Most people would have restored it but I prefer leaving it original. The original paint is still very bright and shiny but there are some rough spots (rear fenders rubbed on too-large tires, LF fender had some rust, there are hood dings, etc).


About 120,000 miles, driven 20,000 dry miles in the last 15 years, with about 400 miles per year the last five years.


It was never hit but the LR fender has a crease from parking. It is very rust free; The floor, battery boxes, suspension pans, and undercarriage are immaculate. There are a few specs of rust at the top of the rear fenders and left front fender that have not spread at all in the last 15 years (I cleaned it up and primed/painted it when I bought the car). Also the paint is a bit blistered on the rear fenders from rubbing when I temporarily installed 16" wheels on the back because the normal tires went flat from sitting.


The interior is very clean except the original rugs and floormats, which are worn. The dash is perfect (this is very rare, no cracks near the speaker!). The targa top is the foldable version. The outer skin is fine, but the headliner could use replacing.


The engine was professionally rebuilt about 15,000 miles ago in '87, and has 3% leakdown and no oil leaks or noises. It is VERY powerful, about 200HP, feels stronger than my 2.7RS at the top end and sings more beautifully.



Original 5 speed Transmission was rebuilt in '96 and is still just getting broken in.


I have basically replaced everything that wears on the car, before it was worn out, to keep it 100% mechanically perfect.

Recently new

Original options


The best part of the car is the color - a gorgeous light sky blue that I could not find in the USA factory manuals' color codes... it was an earlier year optional color that was special ordered. The Cardex says, Paint to sample, not recorded, but the paint code is on the plaque in the driver's door jam. This color should make the car more valuable to collectors. If it were a '72 Fender Stratocaster, it would be worth about twice as much as a standard color, and several times more than a repainted model.

The car was delivered in Germany and came here in '83. The '72S was a 'world' car so no modifications were needed to meet US regulations (except lights and lenses, I put Euro H4 lights back on and have US spec 1973 black trim signal lenses). I have the original German Pflegepass, and "Betriebsanleitung" (operating manual) with early owner and service history.

This car could be made into a concours winner or track car, or keep it as-is for an extremely reliable street car and fun stock autocross car. I only took it on the track twice and it was a handful with too much power for the stock suspension. But it is fine for autocrossing - was fastest of any stock class car in the 2 Porsche parades I entered and only one Improved car beat it (Boston and Lake Placid). Also won two SCCA solo-II national championships (1985 and 1990).

In early 2001 a Porsche fan saw this car on my web site and though I was not actively selling it we came to an agreeable price and now it has a new home and will be driven more.

Regards, mike AnalogMike@aol.com '72 911S Targa, '73 911RS Replica

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